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WFH re-creating a social network for my only DD

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newsheadlines Tue 01-Sep-20 14:52:17

Currently WFH (will do so for the foreseeable future) - with a three-year-old.

Moved back to the UK last year and while my parents and sister both live here, I don't have all that many friends left in the place we now live. Since lockdown, it's been nice not having to commute to work and seeing a bit more of DH and DD, but without the daily interaction at work or any of the kids clubs running - am beginning to feel like we won't ever make new friends or settle in cos all the usual avenues aren't there anymore.

I am also feeling sorry for DD as she's an only child and we used to have a lovely group of friends where we lived before but now our house is pretty quiet.

Any tips on re-creating a social network of friends and friends with kids in a new place while WFH? If you have an only child - how often do you try to see friends/other kids?

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Ihaveoflate Tue 01-Sep-20 15:57:53

Is she at nursery? That can be a good way to meet children and parents. My nursery have fixed collection times now, which means everyone is waiting at the same time so people actually speak. I met a mum who lives just up my road only recently this way.

Groups are starting again now. I don't work on a Monday, so I've booked us onto a toddler music class. Could you see what's starting up near you?

The only other person I know with a child the same age (14 months) is a woman I met at an art therapy group during my PND-riddled Mat leave last year. Other than her, we don't see anyone apart from my child-free friends, but my daughter is still a bit young to be bothered about other children. I appreciate by 3 years that might change.

newsheadlines Tue 01-Sep-20 16:06:31

@Ihaveoflate - yep DD does go to a nursery but all the staggered pick ups seems to mean that we hardly bump into anyone at the same time.

But thank you for your reply. I think that partly am trying to ensure that i dont slip back into PND that I had after she was born. I found maternity leave quite hard and pretty isolating and dread for this to become the new normal. Also feeling a bit guilty for DD - she does see her DG and my sister most weeks but need to find a few more parents to socialise with.

Will check out if any of the usual baby groups will re-open.

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