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16+ school-based education with low GCSE's

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nightcat Fri 05-Oct-07 19:33:55

Hi msn, you are my last chance or I give up:
Does anyone know of a school (would consider private and even boarding) that takes boys with GCSE's below A-C grades with intention of improving them/adding to them and providing an overall good base for a college later on at age 18/19 anywhere in SE / Midlands? Not looking for a college at this stage, but haven't yet found a Sixth Form school that does not expect ONLY A-level standard? Or am I wasting my time?

BellaBear Fri 05-Oct-07 19:36:06

La Swap in north London does Package courses - where students retake Eng/Ma and also do GCSE in sociology or law and a GNVQ (or something) in Travel & Tourism as a basis going on to do level 3 courses (eg AS)

Blandmum Fri 05-Oct-07 19:38:46

many schools will take children into the sixth for to re-sit GCSEs to improve grades.

I very much doubt that many would take children in to start A level courses when they had failed a GCSE in that same subject, as they are exceptionaly unlikely to pass at AS level. Lots of schools offer alternative, vocational courses though. And if 'academic' study hasn't been enjoyed this can be a very positive alternative.

nightcat Fri 05-Oct-07 21:10:33

thank you, BB and MB so far. (MB, thinking of you..)
No, I am not expecting to my son to get to A-level standard, but I have reasonable grounds to believe that he can improve and pick up more knowledge in a school rather than college setting - and he can go to college in a couple of years when he has clearer idea what he would like to do. As he had dropped 2 GCSE's in subjects that he didn't enjoy (and to be honest we didn't even know what the work and coursework really involved), he would be happy to do a more vocational GCSE (eg T&T) in addition to improvement on basics. But can't do it at his present school.
I will check out the Package courses and I suppose I will ring a few more schools..

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