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Constant tantrums at playground with 19 month old

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GreyPanther Sun 30-Aug-20 11:31:49

Recently every time we have gone to the playground with our 19mo we have had to cut our visit short as he has ended up getting upset. Literally every time.
For example, yesterday he was jumping in a puddle and found some rocks in the puddle so starting throwing them. There was another kid in the puddle so I told him to stop and explained that we must not throw stones. When he didn’t I took him away from the puddle. He kicked off, screaming kicking etc. I tried to distract him with the swings or slide but it didn’t work so we left. He was upset in the pram but eventually calmed down.

Today, we went to another park and he played in the sandpit. An older toddler had brought two trucks with him and left them unattended so my little one played with them (the Mum said it was ok). When the older toddler wanted them back I asked my lo the part ways with them and obviously he got very upset and kicked off.

Each trip to the park lasted about 10 minutes and it seems to always end this way.

I really want my little one to enjoying playing in the park but I feel like there is no point going out anymore. I never see any of the other kids behave like this in the park and we are always the ones leaving kicking and screaming. What am I doing wrong?

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OverTheRainbow88 Sun 30-Aug-20 11:35:16

It’s probably a shock for him after lockdown where he’s not had to share anything.

My 19 month old is similar, but luckily it’s mainly over what his older brother has than strangers. I just say no it’s ... turn and move him to something else. But yes I hear you; you take them somewhere nice and hope they’ll have fun and they ruin it for themself!

Could you take his own car is something with him to play with and swap with other kids?

Does he go to nursery- they are quite good at teaching the whole sharing thing!

GreyPanther Sun 30-Aug-20 11:59:30

Thanks for your response @OverTheRainbow88! He goes to the childminder who looks after kids of different ages. I asked her last week if he had issues sharing and she said no so maybe he’s different when we aren’t with him.

I’ll try taking a couple of his toys with him next time and see if it works. Once he locks onto something he gets pretty inconsolable. I know I shouldn’t compare but no one else seems to be like this at the park which makes me think maybe we are doing something wrong.

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Mon 31-Aug-20 08:35:11

You aren’t doing anything wrong- whenever our LOs throw a melt down we think we are the only ones and we are being judged. Most people aren’t, I usually ignore or give a look of solidarity- I speak as someone who had to carry her 3yr old tantruming daughter out of a play date yesterday without shoes.
Between 1-2 yr old is very hard as they have will and basic understanding but no comprehension/ communication. Keep going to the park and keep
reenforcing the good behaviour or we leave message. It gets easier

RhymesWithOrange Mon 31-Aug-20 09:04:03

Keep going. He'll learn bit by bit. He's probably just over excited and forgets a bit how to behave.

Is it an option to take him away to calm down and try again 30 mins / an hour later?

User24689 Mon 31-Aug-20 13:12:07

What happens if you just let him have the tantrum and wait until he calms down?

My son is a bit older (almost 3) but I do remember this at around this age and it is hard. But because he has an older sister I would never just leave the park for a tantrum or she would also have been paying for his behaviour. I would just wait it out with a "I know you're cross" etc etc until he moved onto something else.

Don't worry about other parents. Your little one is totally typical with this behaviour! It is bloody hard work though I know.

Spudlet Mon 31-Aug-20 13:17:24

He’s only very young - sharing is hard! We’re still working on it with DS who is about to start school, especially after lockdown.

Don’t worry too much about it, he’ll get there.

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