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Anyone able to share their 3 month old day routines

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Atticus500 Sun 30-Aug-20 11:13:39

Can anyone who FF their LO share their routine for the day? I’ve recently switched from EBF to entirely FF (except for one breastfeed at night) and I now have no idea what to do with my DD in the day! I’m so used to breastfeeding her all day long that I suddenly don’t know how to structure the day. What does everyone do? Do you go out at certain times of day, or certain activities? Apart from tummy time, I have no idea what to do with her (reckon I’m more of a toddler person). For info - she sleeps great at night but really badly in the day so nap times are a total mess.

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Lockdownmummy Sun 30-Aug-20 12:12:30

My DS is nearly four months and we get up around 7 and have a bottle. He’ll then kick around on his play mat for a bit, I’ll give him a wash, massage and get dressed. Morning nap around 9ish and if I need to go to the shops I’ll go then and take him in the pram.
Next feed at 11 then he might sit in his bouncy chair while I do chores, some classes via zoom, nursery rhymes with some help from Spotify or a bit of sensory on the tv (hey bear or tiny adventurers on you tube). Afternoon nap around 1pm. Next feed at 3pm and then more of the same, maybe a walk to the park if we’ve not been out. Little cat nap about 4:30. 6pm bath, bottle, book/lullaby, bed at 7pm.

It’s amazing how the days go by without doing very much! I talk to him a lot, sort of just narrating my day.... Baby classes are starting in Sept though so will have a couple of things to go out to in the week which I am definitely looking forward to!

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