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Overnight stay while breastfeeding

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MamatobeFeb20 Fri 28-Aug-20 21:04:46

Hi guys,
Just looking for people's experiences really. My DD is 7months and I'm leaving for an overnight stay tomorrow for the first time. She'll be with her dad and luckily she takes a bottle well. I have a freezer stashed full of breastmilk that will more than cover the day and night I'm away and I have my pump packed ready and waiting to use while I'm away.
I just can't shake this anxious feeling that it might bring my breastfeeding journey to an end?! What if she gets so used to the bottle, she doesn't want to latch again? Will this affect my supply badly so that I'm going to have to work hard to increase it again? Or am I overthinkng this all?
Please let me know what your experiences were if you've done this before.
Thank you!

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user1493413286 Fri 28-Aug-20 21:10:44

Honestly one overnight stay is not going to effect either your supply or her feeding well when you come home. You’re doing the right thing with taking a pump and a couple of extra bottles won’t make a difference to her breast feeding

MamatobeFeb20 Fri 28-Aug-20 21:28:34

Thanks so much for your reply! I actually didn't put much thought into it before now (hence the last minute panic) but I'd stumbled across something on here that made me re-think it all!
I appreciate your reassurance!

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LifeIsBusy Fri 28-Aug-20 22:00:24

I went for an overnight business trip in Feb and wondered what would happen when I got back (back in the days when we weren't all locked up) .... I arrived back home to find a 14 month old ready to boob dive me and I hadn't even taken off my jacket. Go enjoy your night away!

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