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Baby skin 'bobbly'-anyone know how to treat?

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Birdsofafeather17 Thu 10-Sep-20 00:03:52

Hi OP maybe his skin is really dry. If so try Diprobase ointment. Also Kokoso is a good brand for sensitive skin. What do you use to moisturise his skin?

Daff59 Fri 28-Aug-20 10:40:53

My ds is 9 weeks and for the last couple of weeks I've noticed his skin is all bobbly under the surface. It's not red and doesn't seem to bother him but when I run my hands over it feels bumpy. I'd mentioned to the HV and she said to ask the pharmacist at minor ailments. I did this and he said it's likely he has very sensitive skin and that it's just taking a while to get used to the outside world. He did mention washing powder potentially causing it but I've only ever used non bio powder and softener from day 1. I thought by 9 weeks it would have started to clear. It only affects his jaw/chin, torso and legs, not his arms, seems weird if it's a washing powder issue that his arms would be spared? I only bathe him in water and use a spot of Neal's Yard baby shampoo to wash his hair every few days, otherwise its tops and tails in between.
Anyway, just wondering if anyone had experienced similar and has any advice on how to clear it?

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