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Tantrums over sibling

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HP2020 Thu 27-Aug-20 12:48:28

My 2.5 year old is having major tantrums over his younger 10 day old brother. He does not like sharing me at all. Obviously I include him but when I'm feeding etc and hubby is at work it's hard. Is it just me?

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VettiyaIruken Thu 27-Aug-20 12:51:00

No, it's perfectly normal. Ten days is no time at all. He's very young and this is very new and he needs time to adjust. It's a tough time. flowers

HP2020 Thu 27-Aug-20 12:54:03

Ok thanks I'm glad it's not just me Cos he's having a meltdown. He was fine earlier and is fine in general and watches etc but he has had me at home with him his whole life at his beck and call and now has the odd crying tantrum like this afternoon. How long should I expect it to last

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VettiyaIruken Thu 27-Aug-20 13:05:59

Every child is different, it's hard to say.
All you can do is ensure you carve out some good 1:1 time with him and wait. He will adjust.

HP2020 Thu 27-Aug-20 13:36:42


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HP2020 Thu 27-Aug-20 19:12:37

I just feel so guilty for my older son Cos he's obviously having times/days where he's finding it all a bit much

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TigerQuoll Fri 28-Aug-20 06:52:45

Can you have some special toys that only come out when you're feeding or during the baby's naps?

HP2020 Fri 28-Aug-20 07:35:44

I can try I guess. At the no if he gets upset when I'm feeding the baby I put tv on for 5 mins

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HappyInL0nd0n Fri 28-Aug-20 07:38:54

Making breakfast so excuse short post. Book Siblings without Rivalry was really helpful for us when number two arrived. Good luck! It gets a lot better x

user1493413286 Fri 28-Aug-20 07:41:13

My DS was awful for about 4 weeks after my DS was born; it did get better and now he’s 6 months she loves him but it was really hard at first.

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