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Co-parenting a teenager

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overprotectivemama Wed 26-Aug-20 10:06:34

Advice from people with teenagers please!!

Ds 15 sees his dad whenever he wants, we have no court orders or custody arrangements. Ds has lived with me since he was born and had always seen his dad every weekend, unless his dad wanted to go out drinking with friends.

Anyway now Ds is old enough to make contact arrangements himself I have blocked his dad from all social media for my own sanity. Ds sees his dad for only 3 hours a week.

Am I supposed to be making their visiting schedule at this age? And arranging everything?? Ds has a social life now and obviously wants to be with his friends. His dad kicked off at me yesterday and said I need to help get Ds to visit him more, but Ds doesn't want to??

Why is it up to me to fix his relationship with his son??

(Also worth noting he has a new partner with children and has said before if Ds doesn't accept them he won't see him)

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MrsOldma Wed 26-Aug-20 19:37:37

I think at 15 he’s old enough to arrange things with his dad himself. Maybe just let him know that his dad is feeling a bit neglected but if he has other priorities like school, part time job, sport etc then his dad might just need to accept that.

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