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Dealing with poonamis out and about

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Xley90 Mon 24-Aug-20 20:14:17

I am a first time mum to a 4 week old, we havent really been out and about yet due to the virus but at home I've had various incidents of nappy explosions being wee'd and pooed on. How do you deal with this when out and about? I know i can pack spare baby grows but how do you deal with explosions getting on you?? My jeans have just been covered in poop for the second time this week!

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JanewaysBun Mon 24-Aug-20 20:15:11

Spare t shirt and leggings under the pram ....

GivenchyDahhling Mon 24-Aug-20 20:19:23

If may think you have enough wipes but you don’t, put another pack in the changing bag!

Honestly though, like with so many things you just deal with it, at 4 weeks at least they aren’t so wriggly, my nearly 11 month old is far more difficult than he was in the first few months.

picklemewalnuts Mon 24-Aug-20 20:21:17

I'd say you get better at fitting nappies, better at changing them without mess everywhere...

Are you folding the back over? That helps.

picklemewalnuts Mon 24-Aug-20 20:21:45

And you lower your standards a bit, too!

Lazypuppy Mon 24-Aug-20 20:23:28

I would say you need better fitting nappies, try different brands, make sure leg frills are out.

I now have a 2 5yo and have never had any of her poonamis end up on me, they were always contained within the nappy, or very small leaks onto her trousers.

How is it ending up on your jeans?!

burritofan Mon 24-Aug-20 20:32:27

You’re lucky, Lazypuppy. I once had DD up on my shoulder, burping her after a feed, boobs still out, and she shat straight down them. Nappy didn’t contain it. Some babies just seem to contain fountains of the stuff.

OP, definitely try different nappy brands, make sure the frills are out. I also used to dress DD in vests/bodies and joggers or leggings rather than sleep suits and baby grows – she pooed umpteen times a day and the fewer poppers the better. As a PP said, if in doubt pack more wipes. I once had to use a muslin and my water bottle after her 8-week-jab poonami hit when we were walking home across the park.

When out and about she’ll be in the pram, so no poo on you. Or the sling, in which case the sling adds another layer to soak up the effluvient. Muslins are good for lining a pram that’s been hit; also good for making a head cushion for changing tables so they wriggle less; use them as an apron if you get a really messy one...

Also envelope necks or crossover bodies mean you can pull the vest down instead of up over the head, which helps.

Footlooseandfancy Mon 24-Aug-20 20:33:30

I think I only had one go over me and she hadn't been for days so I think I was too relieved to be bothered!

Out and about - large size wipeable foldable changing mat so you can contain the poo/wee, lots of wipes, nappy bags for clothes so you can avoid it going everywhere in your bag/car. You do get better at nappy changing and knowing when a big one is going to hit!

Gizmo79 Mon 24-Aug-20 20:39:17

Ah, we have all been there at some point!
Poonamis hit at the worst of times too don’t they🤣
Gets better as they get older at least.
Hints and tips wise- change nappies and get bigger sizes! Definitely go up a size and just strap it on tight around, that will help.
Some babies do have the unnatural ability to poop around anything though. Yes to a spare set of clothes (I never had to luckily) but it sounds like a winner to me if you are having a few of these events.
Good luck and enjoy your little one.

orangejuicer Mon 24-Aug-20 20:42:54

You get used to it very quickly. I once changed DS in the boot, I had no other choice.

Babyboomtastic Mon 24-Aug-20 21:01:29

I only once had it go over me when out. O casually walked to the toilets (I was in a cafe), sponged my dress down and got back on with lunch. More often I've had to fully change baby down, but it does get rarer as they get older and you get better at putting nappies on.

Jacky209990 Mon 24-Aug-20 21:38:19

Spare clothes, I always carried spare clothes and had to use them a few times. Then had to take two sets of clothes because I pooed through the second set. She did this twice.

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