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Advice for stopping feeding to sleep?

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Fivebyfive2 Mon 24-Aug-20 09:36:57

Hi, I am seeking wisdom please!

I have a 8.5 month ds, my first baby. His sleep is actually improving, as in he is finally doing longer stretches/waking less in the night and we're actually in a rough routine, which I'm really happy about! One problem... He feeds to sleep (breastfed) almost all the time.

He goes down very easily, I do enjoy it in a way and he will sleep in the buggy and car too. But I know I need to get away from this before I go back to work part time at the end of October and I don't want to be in a sudden panic 2 weeks before my start date!

Please can someone advise? I'm actually kicking myself because at about 11 weeks he started getting himself to sleep (albeit with swaddling and white noise) but it all went to pot at 4 months due to regression and he was ill so with lock down and me feeling a bit 'on my own' (my dh had to work longer hours during this time) I fell back into 'bad' habits just so we all got enough sleep!

I am also a bit worried as before a sleep is the only time he really wants to feed now, as the rest of the time he is soooo distracted! He is happy and healthy, has 3 meals a day and is trying to move more etc.

Would feeding him about 30 mins before his bed/nap time be better and then take him up when he's full and drowsy, then trying to put him down, cuddles as necessary, be OK?? I don't really want to let him cry too much as he can escalate quite quickly.

Suggestions welcome! Dh is very supportive and hands on. We're looking to tweak things soon, as he is currently working practically part time at the moment so he is around more to help 😀

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onetwothreeadventure Mon 24-Aug-20 09:43:11

I started feeding mine downstairs at the same time as my older toddler had their bottle of milk and then we brushed teeth and went up to bed. It was relatively easy transition, just takes a bit longer to get them down. We started with cuddles first and have now started putting straight into cot to go over by themselves - DH does this part as it kills me but he's making amazing progress a few nights in.

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