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Baby sleepover

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mummydinosaurRawr Thu 20-Aug-20 21:34:17

We're due to go away with baby for the first time, he's 8 weeks old.

Which of the following is best for him to sleep in?

- the carrycot from his pram
- the Moses basket I used for my eldest child (has been stored in the loft for 8 years).

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crazychemist Thu 20-Aug-20 21:43:59

Either sounds fine. I assume the Moses basked has been protected from dust/mould etc?

Metallicalover Thu 20-Aug-20 21:46:48

At 11 weeks we stayed over night for a wedding and we used our pram as it was an overnight sleeper. She weighed around 11lbs and slept well xx

mummydinosaurRawr Thu 20-Aug-20 22:02:21

@crazychemist yes the Moses basket has been wrapped up and stored in the loft. Has been checked and no visible signs of mould / damp / dust etc.

@Metallicalover it doesn't look like he has much space in his pram (he's 13lbs and long) but he sleeps in it quite happily if we're out during the day.

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Metallicalover Thu 20-Aug-20 22:07:34

I was thinking it depends on how big he is as my little girl was born 5lb 7oz so she was just starting to catch up around 4 months x

Lockdownseperation Thu 20-Aug-20 22:17:31

Only some pram carrycots are safe for over night sleep. I know uppababy and bubagoo both are.

Lockdownseperation Thu 20-Aug-20 22:18:28

In the U.K. it’s recommended to have new mattress for babies.

mummydinosaurRawr Thu 20-Aug-20 23:19:25


In the U.K. it’s recommended to have new mattress for babies.

I know. I bought new mattresses for the swinging crib and cot-bed that we have at home, but both are too big to take away. I'm not sure I can get hold of a new mattress for the Moses basket in time, that's why I was wondering if the carrycot would be better, (it is a Cosatto Wow).

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premiumshoes Fri 21-Aug-20 06:23:09

Check your pram to ensure it is suitable for overnight sleeping. Tbh I'm not sure I would use something that had been stored o. The loft for 8 years. You can buy a travel for for well under £50 these days, some are only around the £30 mark, that would be my solution.

Sayitagainwhydontyou Fri 21-Aug-20 06:25:14

If he's that big I'd get a travel cot. He won't be comfy in a moses or a pram bed overnight.

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