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Hitting the summer holiday wall / regressive behaviour

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justdontgothere Wed 19-Aug-20 17:02:34

Anyone else's child regress over the course of the long holidays?!

Because of covid/furlough/redundancy, this is the first time I've had all of summer off with DS since he was born. For the most part, it's been brilliant... Plenty of days out, some restful days in, ticking off some of our activity wish list etc etc. But this week has been haaaaard. Constant whinging, tantrums of the most epic proportions.. It's like I've stepped back in time 4 years to having a 2yo!

I get that it's been a very odd year for them (all of us 👀), they have spent three months or more just at home with us, some went back to school for a few weeks (thankfully, mine did) only to then have another six weeks off. And maybe I just haven't noticed it in prior years because of working. But man alive, it's like a switched has been flicked!

Hoping this is totally normal and I don't have to actually worry about the extent of the tantrums and fall outs..... And can just start the countdown to school term restarting! 😂

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TokyoSushi Wed 19-Aug-20 17:06:54

Mine have been off since 20th March, (Yr 2 & 4, no hope of going back) it's been loooooooong!

There's been quite a lot of threads like yours on here in the last few days, I think everybody is just ready to get back from school (unless you're against it, which is a different thing altogether!) but the end is in sight - we can do this!!

justdontgothere Wed 19-Aug-20 17:41:14

@TokyoSushi have there? I did look before posting 😁

It has been SO long, and we had just under 5 weeks of school to break it up. Well done for getting all the way through!

Will have to dig deep but we will make it! Not sure being in the 3rd trimester is helping my ability to cope, haha!

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