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Car seats

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Eloise97 Wed 19-Aug-20 12:03:26

Hi, my little boy is 9 months old and will be going into the next stage car seat.

He isn't sitting up yet so he shouldn't go into the next stage car seat should he??

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ToTheTwees Wed 19-Aug-20 12:05:01

Does he need to go up yet? My DD was in a maxi cosy infant seat and stayed in it until she was well over a year.

Eloise97 Wed 19-Aug-20 12:36:42

@ToTheTwees I could probably get to next month tops

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ToTheTwees Wed 19-Aug-20 12:41:22

Ah ok, does he sit if supported? Like in a highchair? I would have thought a 5 point harness would help, plus there is some degree of recline depending on seat

Pinkflipflop85 Wed 19-Aug-20 13:08:55

Keep him in the 0+ car seat as long as possible. You dont need to change until his head is above the top of the seat.

Eloise97 Wed 19-Aug-20 13:43:33

@ToTheTwees yes he can sit if supported

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Harrysmummy246 Wed 19-Aug-20 14:16:39

Unless he's too long and or too heavy, he can stay in it. But a lot of the next stage ones can be well reclined for younger children (DS moved about that age as he really was getting too long for the infant one and hurtling towards the weight limit too)

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