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Baby cots & mattresses?

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zoezoeok89 Wed 19-Aug-20 10:35:51

My boy is coming up to 6 months and will soon outgrow his Snuzpod. I’ve been looking into the rather overwhelming world of cots and baby mattresses and come to you for some help!

I’ve decided on the little green sheep twist mattress, I’ve used their products so far and like the quality, but I’m stuck on a cot. I’m considering the Snuzkot - has anyone got it and would recommend it?

Obviously I need it to have passed all the relevant and most latest safety regulations but it really is a minefield.

I know there are plenty that baby can use until 10 yrs or so but be honest I doubt we’ll end up using the same bed for that long, probably just get him a normal one!

Any recommendations?

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Caspianberg Wed 19-Aug-20 13:33:15

We bought the little green sheep mattress, but then just the ikea cot bed with drawers underneath.
I think the mattress quality is more important than actual cot.
Our cot should last until 4/5 years and toddler bed when needed and the storage underneath is super handy. Cot was only around £150

Harrysmummy246 Wed 19-Aug-20 14:18:19

Whatever cot they had in ikea that had a matching wardrobe that would fit under the sloped ceiling in his room and a midrange mattress too.

He hardly ever slept in it anyway

And went into the low version of the full single bed by 14 mo as I was in with him so much

It really isn't worth spending loads of money on

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