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Keeping baby cool!

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Kitkat05 Thu 13-Aug-20 13:27:16

How is everyone managing this!!! Can't wait for it to rain! I have a book which I'm using as a fan for LO. Seems to work. She is enjoying it. Without it not so well! My house is soo hot. Getting some breeeze now. Wish the breeze continues all day.

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Letsallscreamatthesistene Thu 13-Aug-20 13:35:32

Ive bought some fans from Tesco. One is in the living room, ones in his bedroom. Ive also got a pram fan which I clip onto things which helps. Every now and again I might give him a wipe down with a cool, wet flannel. I cant wait for rain either!

LookAtTheCahhOlivahhhhh Thu 13-Aug-20 13:36:17

Can baby have a bath paddle for a while, could you put a towel in the fridge and put her on it once it's cool?

Kitkat05 Thu 13-Aug-20 13:45:17

@LookAtTheCahhOlivahhhhh thank you for the reply! I have been doing that too but she hates the towel on her. Not sure why. So I try and do it really quickly!

Also doing bath paddle smile

@Letsallscreamatthesistene thank you for the reply too. I need to buy a fan! Wish I checked asda this morning. Will order from amazon now. Proberly all out of stock smile)

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Kitkat05 Thu 13-Aug-20 13:50:19

Well the rain keeps gettinf postphoned! :/

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