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Bottle fed 3 month old taking less? :(

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oliveaddict Wed 12-Aug-20 09:27:09

My baby is bottle fed (and has reflux and CMPA) and we had just got to quite a settled time where she would take a good 5 even 6 ounces at each feed, roughly 4hrs apart and only 1 smaller feed through the night. So lucky I thought!

Suddenly the last week or so, she has been fussing terribly on the bottle and it's a real battle to get her to take even 4 ounces. She isn't wanting fed any more often and isn't really interested if I try. She hasn't been feeding more at night either, but is less settled and she has also had a lot more dirty nappies and they seem very loose.

Could it be a developmental leap thing or would you get in contact with a doctor? I was wondering if it might be her special amino acid formula not tasting great, but she's been on it for months now.

We have been on the phone to the doctor so many times and I don't want to ring again if it's something normal as I get the feeling they think I am crazy sad

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Kitkat05 Wed 12-Aug-20 11:39:26

@oliveaddict my lo went through the same thing. Its been up and down. Very difficult. At around 2.5 months we changed to aptamil comfort ( she had silent reflux and gp wouldnt do anything about it.) that really helped us. Up until 5 months. Then we went back to aptamil 1. She got better at her feedinf after 5 months but we still have days where she doesnt want to feed. Just have to go with her flow. I found dream feed the easiest.

Sorry for grammar punctuation mistake. Its too hot and phone wont correct me! :/ smile

oliveaddict Wed 12-Aug-20 12:42:55

@Kitkat05 oh sorry you've had the same problem! I'm reluctant to change her milk but someone suggested changing teat flow to a more fast flowing one so going to try that fingers crossed! It's even more of a worry in the heat as I want her well hydrated confused

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Kitkat05 Wed 12-Aug-20 13:06:19

@oliveaddict I was exactly the same. Didnt want to change formula but thought I had literally had no choice. I just wish I did it earlier but glad we did change it.

Yes try the teat too. I tried dr brown, tomee tipee but miracle happened when we used mam!

Kitkat05 Wed 12-Aug-20 13:08:21

I also worry about the hydration. :/ Went through all that too. I still do. We have days where she doesnt want to drink but at least now I can give water. Hopefully it gets better for you op. I remember being up most night. Used to get maybe two hour sleep. Used to spend ages feeding her. Holding her upright etc. For the first 3 months she would only drink 2oz every 2 hours.. I work up all night feeding her. She also had prolonged jaundice. Thankfully we are doing better now.

TorysSuckRevokeArticle50 Wed 12-Aug-20 13:10:01

It's hot and she may be feeling uncomfortable with a full belly in the heat.

Try smaller but more frequent feeds and maybe cooler bottles so it's not feeling so warm in her belly.

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