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New carpets and new baby, help!

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SquareBoxHead Sun 09-Aug-20 13:13:07

I posted this on the home decor page as well but hoping someone might have been through this here!

We are redoing our house at the moment and our carpets in the house have been covered in dog wee from previous owners so we've been waiting to get then changed for a while. I have a 7 month old and we ordered new carpets to be installed next month.

Except I've just been reading that the VOC levels of fitting a new carpet are really harmful for babies under 1?! I genuinely had no idea that fitting new carpets could be harmful and now I'm worried about it.

Obviously I'd be airing the room out anyway for a few days but I'm just a bit worried and need reassurance from anyone who has done this!

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TerracottaTortoise Sun 09-Aug-20 13:15:12

Surely just having all windows open would sort this.

I think you're worrying a bit too much.

SquareBoxHead Sun 09-Aug-20 13:17:55

@TerracottaTortoise you may be right, I am a worrier anyway, I just get concerned for my baby's health.

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Caspianberg Sun 09-Aug-20 13:41:20

You could always hire a carpet cleaner to wash it also if that helps

SquareBoxHead Sun 09-Aug-20 13:49:39

@Caspianberg that's a good idea, although we are a bit strapped for cash after shelling out for the new carpets!

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TK1930 Sun 09-Aug-20 14:03:10

Completely get where you’re coming from. Lots of people aren’t bothered by it. I would be.
Why not go for a natural carpet like wool?

SquareBoxHead Sun 09-Aug-20 14:12:35

@TK1930 I've paid for the carpets now so I would lose all my money if I changed now ☹

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Flynn999 Sun 09-Aug-20 14:24:14

No idea what VOC is, but we moved into a new house when ds was 6 months. Got the whole house carpeted and moved in later the same day. Ds has lived to survive the tale. If your concerned about dust or little things in the air, leave the windows open or see if a parent can take your D.C. for the day?

I genuinely think your overthinking unless your child is very ill or has serious health issues.

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