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Too hot for newborn

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AliasGrape Fri 07-Aug-20 21:21:57

FTM with week old dd. I’m obsessing over my gro egg/ temperature charts.

Room thermometer saying it’s 26 degrees in the bedroom - that’s with all upstairs windows open and 2 fans on in the room. I know that’s too hot but not quite sure what else I can do?

She’s just in a vest though I’m going to take that off probably. She won’t sleep except on me but I’m worried I’m making her hotter. We use cellular blankets but I won’t use one tonight - should I cover her at all? Just with a muslin maybe?

She seems pretty relaxed and fine I’m just worried.

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Aquamarine1029 Fri 07-Aug-20 21:24:19

She'll be just fine, op! I know all the crazy worries and doubts we have when our babies are so little, but remember babies are born and live in much hotter weather than this. Everything you're doing is spot on.

bravefox Fri 07-Aug-20 21:25:18

Don't forget your body temp was 37 degrees and they clearly managed ok in there for 9 months!

In all seriousness naked/just in nappy babies are amazing at regulating their own temperature.

FourPlasticRings Fri 07-Aug-20 21:25:59

Mine was born in a heatwave. It is stressful. Put your hand on her back or chest and it shouldn't be hot to the touch. If it is, take steps to cool her further, like removing layers. On the hottest days, we ended up inflating an air mattress in the living room and camping downstairs as it was cooler.

thistimelastweek Fri 07-Aug-20 21:26:18

She'll be fine. She has a wonderful caring mum who's figuring out her every need

BessyBlue Fri 07-Aug-20 21:28:19


She'll be fine. She has a wonderful caring mum who's figuring out her every need


Mysa74 Fri 07-Aug-20 21:30:01

I have the same problem, my DD is 15 days old. My midwife said if I was worried about temperature, to resort to skin to skin. Apparently mums body temp helps regulate baby's temp so the best thing we can do is hold them close smile.
I'm just going to cover her with a muslin to ward off drafts to start and will check er later, maybe up grade to a sheet or single layer cellular blanket later depending on how far it drops overnight...

RedCatBlueCat Fri 07-Aug-20 21:31:07

She'll be fine.
Nappy, and possibly a sheet or muslin over her.
Make sure she gets a drink (milk) if she's hungry or thirsty.

BessyBlue Fri 07-Aug-20 21:31:16

Also I had my 2nd in a heatwave that lasted a month! He slept in nappy only and I kept an eye on him through the night ~actually the little thing woke me up very often for feeding!~
My 1st on the other hand was mid winter and I found that much more difficult to work out!

AliasGrape Fri 07-Aug-20 21:35:13

Thank you!
I knew it would be anxiety inducing but didn’t quite realise how much.

I’m turning the light off on the gro egg I think - the glaring red for danger is freaking me out! I get it - it’s hot!

Aquamarine DH has just reminded me that babies are born in hotter places every day. Also that we spent her first 4 days on the postnatal ward where it was hotter than the sun yet the nurses insisted on her wearing a vest, sleepsuit and hat and tutted at me every time I turned the fan on. She was fine there.

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DaisyDairy Fri 07-Aug-20 21:35:42

DS was born 6 weeks ago during a similar hot patch. He slept in just a nappy and best for the first couple of nights at home. Tonight he's in a short romper suit. We've got the fan on full blast and the room is still over 27'C.

I struggled to adjust as DD1 was a winter baby and I'm used to lots of layers on a newborn. DS likes to be cool though and tends to get grumpy and let me know when he's too hot.

AliasGrape Fri 07-Aug-20 21:35:56

Also the back of her neck feels fine. Warm but not hot/ clammy.

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Metallicalover Fri 07-Aug-20 21:36:53

My little one was born in the heatwave last July. She spent most of her 1st 2 weeks of her life was in just a nappy.
Your doing everything you can. My midwife says that babies are born in much hotter countries and don't have air conditioning

apric0t Fri 07-Aug-20 21:37:03

My LO was born in the middle of the heatwave in 2018, if the temp is over 27 in the bedroom just in a nappy is fine. I've found that although fans circulate the air they actually make the room a couple of degrees warmer with the warm air blowing out the back. Let cool air in the bedroom in the morning and as soon as the sun is on your windows shut then all up and draw the curtains which will keep the temp in the room as low as possible, don't open the window and let the hot air in during the day, baby will be fine

DaisyDairy Fri 07-Aug-20 21:38:35

Also, it took me 2 weeks to realise that the temperate on our baby monitor is actually colour-coded; with red meaning 'too hot'. I just thought it happened to be a red display, only realised when we had a cooler night a couple of weeks in.

Over the last 6 weeks though it has rarely been off red.

AliasGrape Fri 07-Aug-20 21:38:44

DaisyDairy I’ve no others but think I’ve internalised messages about them needing loads of layers and to be kept warm at all costs. This seemed to be born out by midwives on postnatal ward, so now it feels weird to leave her uncovered/ just in a nappy.

She’s not even bothered - fast asleep and quite happy (until I attempt to put her down no doubt).

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mosquitofeast Fri 07-Aug-20 21:39:16

The fans won't make the temperature any cooler, but they will make the baby cooler

Pipandmum Fri 07-Aug-20 21:39:55

My son was born in a heatwave. Just a nappy nothing else, or a sleeveless/legless onesie thing. He slept in his own room. Way too hot for him to sleep on me - for me if not him! He's a strapping 17 year old now.

Badassmama Fri 07-Aug-20 21:42:55

Mine was born in last years heat wave- go for nappy only with a Muslin to keep off chill!
We ended up sleeping on the sofa bed a couple of times as it was cooler downstairs

nasiisthebest Fri 07-Aug-20 21:43:48

I spent my fist four years living in the middle of a desert, together with a million other people. Most of the middle east seems to survive it fine. Babies are tougher than you think.

Grandmi Fri 07-Aug-20 21:45:20

My son was born in July 1995. It was absolutely boiling for weeks. He lived in a nappy and shortsleeved vest .He was fine . I avoided holding him as much as possible so as not to overheat him . He was fine. Enjoy your beautiful baby.

TheBabyAteMyBrain Fri 07-Aug-20 21:45:34

Seriously, throw the judgey grow egg in the bin now. I never had one but friends did and obsessed over it. They are nothing but trouble. Yes it's hot, we all know it's hot. Trust yourself and dress baby appropriately for the weather. If she is cold she'll let you know soon enough.

2155User Fri 07-Aug-20 21:47:08

Never purchased a gro egg. Never purchased a thermometer. Because of exactly this.

OP, you're not stupid, and neither is baby.

You'll know if baby is too hot (tip; they feel hot) and you'll know if they're too cold (tip; they feel cold)

Flamingolingo Fri 07-Aug-20 21:47:55

I remember how worrying this is (two summer babies). I had to keep telling myself that there are babies born in extremely hot places all the time. For now I would switch off the gro egg (it won’t be helping you). They make pretty good night lights though so hang onto it for later.

Strokethefurrywall Fri 07-Aug-20 21:48:26

Don't worry OP, I had both my DSs here in the Caribbean and the room temperature was "cooled" to 80oF!
It's so hot in your womb that you don't need to worry about room temperatures as long as they're not wrapped in anything heavy.

DS1 was swaddled in nothing else but a pamper and he was just fine. As long as they're drinking enough fluids and seem content they'll be fine.

Congratulations on your baby!

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