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Going on holiday with a 10 month old!

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ComeOnBridgett Thu 06-Aug-20 21:15:53

Great idea on yo-yo! I've heard to put nappies in the car seat!

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ComeOnBridgett Thu 06-Aug-20 21:14:58

Still BF but he's fully weaned too! Thanks for the advice smile

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Caspianberg Thu 06-Aug-20 13:52:38

You can use your ‘ baby’ luggage to your advantage. Keep a blanket inside yo-yo for example when folded, and a pram book and toy attached. They will be concealed inside the storage bag anyway.

Things like nappies etc are sometimes pricey abroad but take up so much space, I would just buy most on arrival.

FinallyRelief Thu 06-Aug-20 10:53:33

Buy calpol/formula/pouches/suncream from Boots (on the other side) then take on as hand luggage. Jsut call them to see if they have it in stock. But bottles over two bags in case your luggage gets lost/delayed! Happened to us!!

timeforawine Thu 06-Aug-20 10:21:30

Toys such as duplo blocks, nice and light, for in the hotel room.
Any food pouches unless fully weaned (at 10m mine had a relapse and went back to pouches for a few weeks)
Swim nappies
Sling/carrier if planning on going walking/on the beach?
Baby sleeping bag if you use them/will have air con on

ComeOnBridgett Thu 06-Aug-20 10:09:49

Going on holiday tomorrow with a 10 month old - I've only got one 20kg case.

Any recommendations on what to take?

Staying in a really good hotel with a travel cot. Planning to take the YO-YO pram and car seat for the taxi.

What do I need as a MUST?!

Thanks ladies x

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