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Breastfeeding- relaxation

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JK90 Sun 02-Aug-20 22:22:35

My DD is 7 months old and was breastfed from birth. Around the 6 month mark she seemed to completely lose interest in BF and I couldn't even get to her latch so I ended up supplementing with formula and now she will only take the bottle.

It's such a shame as BF luckily came very naturally to us and we had no issues. I wasn't really prepared to stop this soon!

I'm wondering if it's possible to start BF again and if anyone has any tips/advice on how to get her to latch again. Also if anyone has any experience of relactating after such a long break?

My supply has obviously decreased quite a lot but I'm still able to get some milk.


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JK90 Sun 02-Aug-20 22:23:32

Title should say relactation not relaxation confused

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