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Baby just ate some wildflower seeds

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Curiosity101 Fri 31-Jul-20 13:19:31

I was showing my 11 month old a packet of wildflower seeds because it rattled and I thought he'd like to look at it. In a split second he grabbed them from me and bit the corner off.

I think I scooped everything out of his mouth but can't be sure and I know what to keep an eye out for in terms of behaviour / illness. But just wondering if there's anyone else here this had happened to? I'm just waiting on a response from the people I got them from so I can find out what's actually in the mix. That way if he is ill I'll be able to tell the doctors. Likewise I'll do a bit of googling to see if any of the seeds are toxic once I know what's in it.

I've tried to rationalise that we eat seeds regularly so chances are he'll be fine. But at the same time there are poisonous flowers in the UK. 😔

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LittleCabbage Fri 31-Jul-20 13:27:01

You're right to try to check which flower seeds they were, but try not to worry in the meantime. I think it is really unlikely that any of them are toxic.

Curiosity101 Fri 31-Jul-20 13:30:48

Thanks smile He's down for his nap at the moment and I'm really trying not to worry.

I think it is really unlikely that any of them are toxic.

This is what I'm trying to tell myself. Foxglove is the only one I can think of that might be in it and might be toxic as a seed.

And there is a chance I scooped them all out of his mouth. So we probably are talking about a few seeds at most sad I just can't believe how quick he was and how easily he bit through the corner.

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Aquicknamechange2019 Fri 31-Jul-20 13:35:15

You could always ring 111 and ask for medical advice.

Letsallscreamatthesistene Fri 31-Jul-20 14:23:16

Foxgloves are used to make Digoxin, but the amount he'd have to ingest to have an effect is HUGE.

Curiosity101 Fri 31-Jul-20 14:38:41

Thanks @Aquicknamechange2019 - I'll call 111 if he seems at all unlike his usual self.

That's very reassuring @Letsallscreamatthesistene, when you google for it online it just says 'Foxglove is toxic' with no hint as to the quantity. I took a picture of the remains of the seeds and am just waiting for the seed list from the supplier.

Hoping and expecting that I'm worrying completely unnecessarily smile

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TooFrickinHot Fri 31-Jul-20 14:44:06

Foxglove is very toxic unfortunately. Can you call the supplier to get a quicker answer? I would call 111 also.

Curiosity101 Fri 31-Jul-20 15:07:53

Just to be clear I'm not saying he has eaten fox glove seeds. Just that they were the only seeds I could think of that might be in a 'wildflower' mix and are toxic. However I googled foxglove seeds and there weren't any in the remaining seeds so my guess is that there weren't any in it at all, I'm just being cautious.

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Curiosity101 Fri 31-Jul-20 15:13:19

Here are a couple of pictures, I see a sunflower seed? I saw something that looked like a poppy seed, I think mostly it's cornflower seeds and a few others I don't recognise.

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MrsTerryPratchett Fri 31-Jul-20 15:15:44

If it's poppy he might test positive for opiates but they're harmless!

There's a Garden section on here and they's know every seed!

Teddy1970 Fri 31-Jul-20 15:21:31

Does it say on the back of the packet what it contains? Failing that contact the supplier to put your mind at rest.

Ihaventgottimeforthis Fri 31-Jul-20 15:26:15

Corncockle can often be found in wildflower mixes, and is toxic.

It's worth checking out but I highly doubt there would be enough to be of concern...
Corncockle seeds are huge, I will look for a picture.

Ihaventgottimeforthis Fri 31-Jul-20 15:30:03

Difficult to say for certain OP, but I think those dark seeds do look like corncockle

To be on the safe side I would ring 111 again and say it could potentially be corncockle seeds - which contain saponin which is harmful.

Ihaventgottimeforthis Fri 31-Jul-20 15:32:30

(By the by, this is an example of why we see fewer wildflowers in arable fields nowadays - farmers have to make a big effort to keep toxic substances out of grain for human and livestock consumption).

Curiosity101 Fri 31-Jul-20 15:46:17

@MrsTerryPratchett thanks for the idea. I might post my pictures over there.

@Teddy1970 unfortunately not. It was part of a gift from work and it's a personalised seed packet with some generic wild flower seeds. I've contacted the original seller for more info.

@Ihaventgottimeforthis I carried on googling common wildflowers and came to the same conclusion.

I think this mix seems to be:
Corn cuckle
Common poppy

And perhaps a few others. Everything I'm reading about corn cuckle says that a couple of seeds shouldn't cause acute poisoning.

I'm hesitant to call 111. I read the NHS site for poisoning info and can imagine the 111 call going something like .

Me: "My baby may or may not have eaten a couple of seeds that may or may not be toxic. He seems fine in himself and is acting normally, what should I do?"

I'll call them at any hint of a change in behaviour or any sickness in my DS though.

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Curiosity101 Fri 31-Jul-20 15:49:35

Sorry, that should read corncockle not corn cuckle 🤦

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Curiosity101 Sat 01-Aug-20 15:06:00

Just wanted to come back and update everyone. DS seems like his normal self today and it's been over 24 hours so hopefully we're in the clear.


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MrsTerryPratchett Sat 01-Aug-20 15:23:29


5363738383j Sat 01-Aug-20 16:18:54

Foxgloves are used to make Digoxin, but the amount he'd have to ingest to have an effect is HUGE.

OP, I don't know about the seeds. You need to take medical advice. However for the sake of others reading I wanted to let people know that the above statement is highly inaccurate. Ingesting a small amount of a foxglove plant (and other common garden plants including lily of the valley) is something to get immediate medical advice about.

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