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Bettyboop82 Thu 30-Jul-20 20:44:28

Am interested in hearing your bedtime routine if you have a three year old... I have three year old twins and a baby; baby is no problem but since he’s arrived one of my twins WILL NOT GO TO SLEEP!!! She’s always been a live wire but now is literally bouncing off the walls at bedtime and tries every trick in the book to stall/delay/avails sleep (needs a drink, a wee, is hungry, wants to check on her fairy garden, to give daddy a hug, etc etc etc) it’s exhausting and am starting to lose my rag a little with her which isn’t helpful or nice for anyone.
Currently we have dinner about 5pm followed by TV or independent play whilst I tidy up after dinner and feed the baby, bath at 6pm then pyjamas, warm milk with a story in bed with me or dad then lights out. We stay with her whilst she falls asleep as she likes a cuddle but lately it’s just taking FOREVER! Would love to hear how others ‘do’ bedtime/evenings with little ones!

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