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Weaning baby off omeprazole

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Picklerick87 Fri 31-Jul-20 09:48:48

Thanks all, that’s really useful. Sounds like a very slow reduction is the way to go. Will give it a try and hope for the best!

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QuintusEstInHorto Fri 31-Jul-20 09:44:16

I weaned DD off omeprazole at about 18 months. I reduced her dose by a tiny bit for a week at a time. About 1ml réduction per week for five weeks, them 0.5 for the remaining weeks. Took ages but she came off it fine. This was following advice that too fast a reduction can cause a flare up.

Prior to this I always found that it took three days to see the impact of a reduction. So when I ran out once she was fine until day three when we were up all night!

Good luck!

Ihaveoflate Thu 30-Jul-20 23:08:26

Our baby was on Lansoprazole, so maybe a bit different. The paediatrician told us just to stop when she was established on solids and he didn't seem at all worried about coming off slowly. We reduced then stopped the Gaviscon first and then a few weeks later just stopped the Lansoprazole with no effects.

IwishIhadaMargarita Thu 30-Jul-20 20:56:03

I tried to do it myself as an adult, I’m back in it aw the acid came back worse than ever.

Picklerick87 Thu 30-Jul-20 20:54:32

I should have mentioned - I talked to the GP a month or two ago about this and they recommended halving the dose. I decided to wait a while longer to take her off it as she was still being sick occasionally.They didn’t seem to think coming off it would be an issue but I’d read online that it can be tricky..

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Bitchinkitchen Thu 30-Jul-20 20:27:18

You need to speak to your GP - don't ever change anything to do with medication without speaking to a doctor.

Picklerick87 Thu 30-Jul-20 20:26:22

My DD is almost nine months old, she had bad reflux for ages but it’s been much better in the last month or so.
I’m planning to start weaning her off the omeprazole but I’m feeling a bit nervous as I’ve read about acid rebound when it’s stopped - has anyone got experience of taking their LO off it? She’s currently on 10mg so i thought I’d half the dose for a few weeks then stop it altogether if she seems ok..

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