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Bleeding won’t stop - don’t know what to do!

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WhatOnEarth67 Wed 29-Jul-20 23:08:06

I’ve posted about this before but I’d just really like some postpartum advice or experiences or any suggestions on what I can do.

I’m really worried that something isn’t right.

I had an elective c-section 16 weeks ago tomorrow. I had six weeks of postpartum bleeding. I had my first proper period a month after, it lasted 5 days like before I got pregnant. The month after that I had another period right on time, 5 days again.

I’m writing this on next to no sleep so my brain is a bit foggy - so I’ll try to make some sense.

Have that period, I had sex and the condom split. Never ever happened before so was very surprised. Took the morning after pill two days later. Had another bleed which I know is normal after the morning after pill.

I then a week later had sex again and STUPIDLY did it unprotected. Don’t know why. I know it was dumb so please be gentle.

Anyway after that I had another bleed for around 5 days.

However, eight days ago I started bleeding again, heavily. So this is my third bleed in July.

I have been bleeding heavily for the eight days, and there is no signs of it slowing down. Today I passed very dark clots also. I feel okay in myself, but I have been getting very light headed and dizzy. No pain bar the odd cramp or ache.

I spoke to my health visitor who said ring the GP. I went to the GP and all they did was a pregnancy test. I went back to my health visitor and she said she wasn’t sure why they didn’t do more. By the time I got through to her it was too late to get a GP appointment, so I’m going to call tomorrow.

I’m concerned that I’m still bleeding after eight days and it is still quite heavy, and the clots made me feel a little worried.

Could this just be a clear out? I know the morning after pill messes things up but I’ve never bled for this length of time or this heavy constantly.

Thank you!

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Lockdownseperation Thu 30-Jul-20 07:29:35

You need to go back to your GP.

HV are there to support you will child development and raising your children they are not there for your physical health. You need to speak to your GP again if you have concerns about your health.

Letsallscreamatthesistene Thu 30-Jul-20 11:37:04

HV isnt for this.

You said that 'all the GP did was do a pregnancy test' - im not sure what else you expected them to do?

If you're bleeding through more than one pad an hour (or the equivalent) go to A+E. If not, either wait it out or go back to your GP.

WhatOnEarth67 Thu 30-Jul-20 12:01:11

Thanks @Letsallscreamatthesistene @Lockdownseperation but my health visitor actually asked me to keep her informed of any bleeding.

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Lockdownseperation Thu 30-Jul-20 13:09:13

That is definitely not her remit and she has no qualifications to help you with this.

WhatOnEarth67 Thu 30-Jul-20 13:43:54

Not true - the NHS suggests you talk to your health visitor if you have postnatal bleeding. Regardless, that wasn’t the point of my post. @Lockdownseperation

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Lockdownseperation Thu 30-Jul-20 16:45:55

But this isn’t post postnatal bleeding. Anyway I hope you feel better soon.

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