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Asymmetrical Mouth?!

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Worriedftm1206 Mon 27-Jul-20 10:44:02

Hi all.
I'm a first time mum and noticed something which has been concerning me a lot recently.
The bottom lip of my babies mouth seems to hang to the left a bit, like it's asymmetrical. I don't know if this is normal but when he's yawning/crying his bottom lip also pulls to the left.
Any ideas or is this something he will just grow out of?

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Ihaveoflate Mon 27-Jul-20 13:36:45

How old is your baby and did you have an assisted delivery? My baby had a lip palsy on one side as a result of forceps but it corrected itself fairly quickly after the birth (within a week or so). She probably still has a very slight asymmetry to her face one year later, but not noticeably.

Saying that though, my face is not symmetrical and I'm fairly sure not many people do have perfect symmetry. If it's not causing you baby any issues then I wouldn't worry about it.

Worriedftm1206 Mon 27-Jul-20 14:44:18

He's 9 weeks old, it was a long back to back labour and he was born with plagiocephaly (head asymmetric on the right and slight torticollis) natural delivery though.
I used to think he would suck his lip in a lot from birth and I couldn't get him to latch, he kept sliding off, now I'm wondering however If it's the shape of his lip or there's some kind of tie there, even when he's latched on his lip is curled in on one side.
Sometimes it looks normal, but sometimes it looks really uneven, like the lips protruding/leaning towards the left and receding on the right.
It is weird.. hopefully it corrects itself over time..might mention it to the health visitor though, we've had so many worries with him already. sad

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