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18 month old on a plane!!

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Katie1962 Sat 25-Jul-20 19:45:44

Anyone got any clever ideas to keep my toddler entertained on the plane?! I took him on holiday when he was six weeks old and it was bliss but now he's going to make up for it!
Pray for me 😂

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isthistoonosy Sat 25-Jul-20 19:49:15

Suprises - toys, snacks,
And learn how to make cars, plans etc from scrap paper for when the packed suprises run out.
Good luck smile

Katie1962 Sat 25-Jul-20 20:11:49

Thank you!!

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Tittie Sat 25-Jul-20 21:00:44

We had to let all house rules go out of the window when we travelled with an 18 month old!
- all the snacks
- all the chocolate
- iPad - we downloaded lots of stuff onto iPlayer and Netflix and bought little headphones
- toy cars and little things that he/she could fiddle with on the tray
- if you have a kindle (or the kindle app on your phone) then download all the free stories
- magazine and pens (at 18 months our DS was too young to understand the activities, but it still kept him occupied and came with some plastic tat)
- sticker book (we got an osbourne one about the airport. There were hardly any words, just stickers that they can put wherever they like with minimal input from you (hopefully)
- kinder surprise
- we got a trunki for DS to ride and wear himself out at the airport, and we wouldn't let him have his usual nap so that he was shattered and eventually fell asleep on the plane

- wine for you, couple of glasses should do it, then you won't care so much smile

Katie1962 Sat 25-Jul-20 23:24:45

Love this! Thank you haha I'm dreading it to be honest, he has so much energy!! He will like the sticker idea and he loves books so good combo.

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 26-Jul-20 10:31:35

When my DC was that age, he loved playing a game where we'd stick post-its all over the back of the seat in front of us and he would peel them all off! He also loved sticking post-its on himself and me! Amused him for ages. Likewise for clothes pegs!
Pipe cleaners can be taken in hand luggage and are fantastic fun.
Put some snacks in little envelopes for him to tear open. Raisins and Cheerios work well.
I've also had success with:
Melissa and Doug reusable sticker pads
aquadoodle travel mat
lift the flap books
A pot of Play doh
A set of stacking beakers or nesting eggs for playing hiding games with small items of food like raisins and Cheerios
3 or 4 finger puppets
Toomies eggs
The humble balloon! I always pack a few, and there you have a game of catch whilst waiting at the airport.

Katie1962 Sun 26-Jul-20 11:39:37

Amazing thank you!!! ☺️

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