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What do your dc's friends call you?

(28 Posts)
Fossil Sun 30-Sep-07 18:32:12

I feel a bit strange being addressed by a 5 year old by my first name. In my day (70s/80s) we would have called our friends parents Mrs/Mr Bloggs, but not the dreaded 'auntie sue' or 'uncle brian' if they weren't related to you. My ds has never called anyone 'Miss' except his teacher. Suggestions please.

CorrieDale Sun 30-Sep-07 18:36:35

Always by my first name. I'd feel ever so odd being called Mrs Corrie - I'd feel like my MIL! And never ever auntie - I'm not their aunt (although my own favourite aunt was Auntie Kathleen to every child she ever met - but that was because she was so lovely everybody wanted her to be their auntie!)

pooka Sun 30-Sep-07 18:39:07

By my first name. Would feel wierd any other way.

Flamesparrow Sun 30-Sep-07 18:39:28

I just go with my first name. Doesn't bother me

Haylstones Sun 30-Sep-07 18:39:45

Just my first name. FOr some unreasonable reason I find the names aunt and uncle strangely disturbing (except when 'old' relatives) I even stopped dd ffrom calling some of mine and dh's siblings Aunt and Uncle XX because they were very young (teens) and it seemed weird.
Whatever you're comfortable with though!

jo25 Sun 30-Sep-07 18:40:35

All my ds friends call me by my first name and thats how i like it, i personally find it really outdated that children are expected to call people 'Mr Mrs, Miss' etc. no one uses those terms anymore apart from in school and think that should change to first names IMHO.

dolally Sun 30-Sep-07 18:42:51

am also always called by my first name,(to my face..behind my back I dunno! grin )though it was only Mr and Mrs when I was a kid.

I can't really think of any compromise between the two if you're looking for one, though.

MaryBleedinPoppins Sun 30-Sep-07 18:43:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fossil Sun 30-Sep-07 18:45:55

No, I don't think there is one. Incidentally, when I was a Guide, one of the Guide's mother was the Guide Leader, and SHE had to call her mother 'Mrs X'. That was wierd.

motherinferior Sun 30-Sep-07 18:47:04

I'm 44 and would blench at being called Missis, not least because I am unmarried.

DD1's school calls teachers by their first names too, just in case you fancy being utterly scandalised.

popsycal Sun 30-Sep-07 18:48:49

always my first name

Fossil Sun 30-Sep-07 18:51:02

Motherinferior - Shocking!!! Look, reading back this is making me look a tad starchy. I don't MIND being called by my first name (and I hated being in Guides), it was just a bit strange the first time it happened, and I just wondered what other people who - like me - haven't got anything better to do on a Sunday evening thought about it.

Actually that's not true, I need to bath ds, get him to bed and get all his school things ready for tomorrow, fill the dishwasher, sort the washing, do some ironing and then slip into something more comfortable and be a beguiling companion for DH.

haychee Sun 30-Sep-07 18:51:57


chipmonkey Sun 30-Sep-07 18:52:32

By my first name. Would feel rightly odd if a child called me Mrs/Ms anything!

MarsLady Sun 30-Sep-07 18:53:16

I tell them that to call me stunningly gorgeous is perfectly acceptable. Mostly they call me Mars (or "she's mad your mum, mad!")

ladymuck Sun 30-Sep-07 18:55:44

Quite a mix between my first name, Mrs X, "Y's mum", "excuse me" or "Errrr". Our school teachers are always Miss/Mrs/Mr and they always address us the same (until the parents night out).

KerryMum Sun 30-Sep-07 18:58:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gobbledigook Sun 30-Sep-07 19:00:56

Most of them call me 'GDG' (well not really but ykwim!). One friend insists her children call me 'Auntie GDG' which is fine but I don't ask mine to do the same to her!

indignatio Sun 30-Sep-07 19:10:48

Always first name here
EXCEPT in school (help out one morning a week) when I am referred to as Mrs Indignatio - Strangely enough they are all fine with this and differentiate between school and outside school with no problem at all - They are 5 BTW

threelittlebabies Sun 30-Sep-07 19:15:15

Generally my name, or"Jack's mummy" if they don't know my name.

A woman I was thinking of asking to be my childminder put me off her when she called herself to my children "mummy X (her name)" and her dh as "Daddy X"- bleargh


ChasingSquirrels Sun 30-Sep-07 19:20:09

first name, or dc1's mum

brimfull Sun 30-Sep-07 19:22:58

my first name

although I still call my friends parents mrs soandso.

couldn't bring myself to say "hello Viv"

christywhisty Sun 30-Sep-07 19:38:01

My Ds's bestfriend always had a reputation for being a real terror and his poor mum was always in the headmistresses office, but he always called me so Mrs W in such a polite and respectful way. I was dinner lady and helped out at school a lot, which is probably why I was Mrs.

Most of DC's friends either call me by my first name or DD's/DS's mum.

Chirpygirl Sun 30-Sep-07 19:40:22

All of DD's friends call me a bastardised version of my first name as they can't pronounce it! It's quite sweet, but DD calls my friedns by their first names as we all refer to each other my our first names in front of DC's so that's what they use.

ChippyMinton Sun 30-Sep-07 19:44:22

Usually Chippy or DS1/DS2/DD's mum. And Mrs Minton when I help out in school.

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