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Looking ahead to youngest starting reception in September and feeling sad... :( Anyone else?

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WorriedMummy2020 Wed 22-Jul-20 15:16:57

Just that really. My youngest of 2. I have worked PT sincemy eldest was born. Feel so sad that the entire pre-school phase will soon be over for me.
Need a hand hold and practical suggestions on how to make the transition easier.
Getting a pet isn't an option due to allergies and we don't want the hassle anyway and a thirs child is also off the cards as DH and I have spoken at length about that and he's not at all keen and I'm not 100% for it and we each have loads of reasons as to why. DH moves easily to each new phase. He works FT though and always has done. Very involved with the kids nevertheless but it's different for him.

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Intastellaburst Wed 22-Jul-20 18:19:46

I don’t really understand as I’m excited about my eldest starting school this year and looking forward to my baby growing up and one day following him. There must be some positives to them both being in school - more time to yourself, them learning and developing?

Wecandothis99 Wed 22-Jul-20 18:26:11

Yeah I don't get this either, each new phase is exciting and I never really thought about what we leave behind. Once you're in it you'll probably realise you were being silly and enjoy him learning and growing

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