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Woke up with a cold sore (& a cold) and I have a 8 month old baby

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xemmalou Wed 22-Jul-20 06:51:31

Title says it all really.

I'm worried. What precautions do I have to take? I'm the only one looking after her all day (DP works till 7pm) and we cosleep.

She is a Velcro baby pain in the arse which doesn't help the matter.

So many scary things on the internet regarding cold sores and babies that I'm freaking out.

As if looking after a 8 month old wasn't hard hell enough.

Any tips/advice/guidance would be appreciated.

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AnyFucker Wed 22-Jul-20 07:03:29

Don't kiss her. Wash your hands after touching your face. Don't share towels and face cloths. That's it really. Stop worrying.

DennisTMenace Wed 22-Jul-20 07:08:11

Just make sure you are washing your hands before nappy changing, giving food etc. Don't share food or kiss her. Cold sores are dangerous to really tiny babies, but not one that old. I had a freak out when ds was 4 months old and I kissed him on the head before I realised I had one. I actually called 111, but they told me the big danger is only to newborns and avoid touching eyes, mouth and genitals.

getoffnow Wed 22-Jul-20 09:12:35

To reassure you, it's really only a concern to tiny babies. I had a cold and cold sore the first week DS was born. And I've had several since.

Don't kiss her til it's gone, sneeze into a tissue, wash your hands - it'll be fine smile

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