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1 year old has a tooth in roof of mouth

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cjward Mon 20-Jul-20 22:41:53

Hey everyone,

Today I’ve discovered that my 1 year old son has a tooth come through in the roof of his mouth. It’s just set back behind his 2 middle front teeth.
Having googled it I am now a nervous wreck as to what could be wrong with him.

Has anyone encountered this before?

I have a feeling I won’t be sleeping tonight

Any experiences welcomed

Thank you x

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Splitsunrise Mon 20-Jul-20 22:44:08

I’m no expert but it doesn’t sound like there’s anything seriously wrong though I guess will need it out? Can you ring dentist?

MrsBudd Mon 20-Jul-20 22:46:05

My sibling had this as a child, the dentist just removed it. No ill effects or underlying issues.

myrtleWilson Mon 20-Jul-20 22:48:44

I wonder if its something similar that my DD had (although this was discovered in first year of secondary school) She had two extra adult front teeth (one is relatively common, two quite unusual). She needed dental hospital care for a few months as they were extracted but all fine now. Am sure a dentist will be able to reassure you but obviously he's much younger than mine at the time so procedures may be different.

bluejelly Mon 20-Jul-20 22:50:14

I had one as a kid. Was removed when I was 12 and having other teeth taking out. I barely felt it and it didn't do any damage. Try not to worry smile

worstwitch18 Mon 20-Jul-20 22:51:53

It's surprisingly common, if I recall correctly about 2-4% of children have extra teeth.

If you have googled it you might have scared yourself because it can be a symptom of a few rare disorders. But I would say don't worry because usually those disorders have a lot of other symptoms that you would have noticed by now, an extra tooth is usually just an extra tooth.

Normally they are removed by a dental professional. Sometimes with babies they are left for a while so the child is older when the procedure is done but it's best to have a dentist check it out.

verypeckish Mon 20-Jul-20 22:52:08

It's not all that uncommon. I was at school with someone who had two rows of top teeth, one behind the other.

willowandsage Mon 20-Jul-20 22:52:51

My husband has this - he's 30 and not had it removed as it causes no issue, the dentist said it's fairly common!

candycane222 Mon 20-Jul-20 23:09:39

I had an extra tooth! Can't exactly remember at what age, think it came though as an adult rather than child tooth, so maybe I was about 7 or 8. It was odd (you could see it iirc, behind my bottom teeth) but not considered dangerous by anyone. I do remember the dentist 'pinging' it out of my mouth and it shot across the room. How funny - I don't think I've thought about it for many decades until you reminded me.

VenusTiger Mon 20-Jul-20 23:11:16

It's highly possible for either parents or grandparents to have had this too OP - find out and try not to worry.

cjward Mon 20-Jul-20 23:12:33

Thank you everyone.

He has been suffering a lot with his teeth so maybe this is why.
Agree with everything you’ve all said. However the one thing that has worried me is it normally happens in children from aged 5 up. So for my 1 year old to have it, is rare.

I’ll be onto the dentist in the morning so hopefully I can get the ball rolling with the investigations

Thanks once again

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2Kidsinatrenchcoat Mon 20-Jul-20 23:15:35

Two of my close family members had this!

ExCwmbranDweller Mon 20-Jul-20 23:18:21

My youngest had a tooth come through at the top of his gum where it meets the inside of his lip running parallel to the gum line rather than the traditional up/down orientation. The dentist used this sort of metal dental harp to shave bits off as they came to the surface until he could take it all out. Took a few years. Middle son has a tooth that grew pointing completely the wrong way up that is lodged in the angle of his jaw bone, only found out when he had an x-ray for his braces. tbh I think my children's teeth have a life of their own. Adults now anyway and don't appear to have anything badly wrong with them. Sometimes I think teeth take the path of least resistance instead of conforming to their proper positions!

Mind you the youngest was born with a few of his teeth already visible in his gums. Freaky baby.

endoflevelbaddy Mon 20-Jul-20 23:19:54

My dd had the same but was a little older (maybe 4) when we spotted it. She'd had a fall as a toddler and had broken some of her front teeth so we were worried it was a sign of damage to her adult teeth. Dentist told us not to worry and we'd be surprised how much things move round when the baby teeth come out, and it did.

That particular front tooth took an age to fall out but the one in the middle of the roof of her mouth has migrated into position and her teeth are perfectly straight. I'd get it checked out but try not to worry if they opt to 'watch & wait'.

sunflowersandtulips50 Mon 20-Jul-20 23:21:41

All my DC have had extra teeth. They would lose a baby tooth and another baby tooth replaced it. So adult teeth came in all over the place. All my DC have had years of orthodontist treatment and braces. So not uncommon at all

RunningAwaywiththeCircus Mon 20-Jul-20 23:25:17

I had extra teeth as a wean - apparently growing outwards from the gum.

DS was born with a few teeth. No idea if there is any connection to my problem, but it put me right off BF!

Some people have weird teeth. Try not to worry. flowers

Bloops Mon 20-Jul-20 23:39:05

I had one extra tooth. My brother had a few extras. We just got them removed by the dentist when we got a bit older. Don't sweat it smile

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