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WHICH ONE? Quinny Buzz or Zapp?

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Binkyanne Sat 29-Sep-07 20:22:21

Hi! I really like the Quinny range of pushchairs/travel systems and am looking to get one soon but I'm not sure which one is best! I'd love to hear from anyone who has one with they comments or from anyone else who has I better pushchair/travel system!! Many thanks. xx

LIZS Sun 30-Sep-07 11:30:28

If you plan to use it for a lo I'd say Buzz is more suitable since you can't use the Zapp seat until 6 months and it does n't recline or face you. You may not want to use the car seat all the time until then.

kitsandbits Sun 30-Sep-07 11:33:30

They are TOTALLY different prams.

The zapp is small - folds down tiny, alot lighter - and from 6 months - you can use a carsaet on it - but theres no carry cot option available.

The buzz is better from new born, it reclines - is roomier, you can attatch the carry cot - its better on rough ground as its bigger.

What age is your child?

Ettenna Sun 30-Sep-07 15:51:02

LOVE our Zapp , love it love it, BUT might err on the side of the Buzz if we have another. LO only just into pushchair seat and he's a BIG baby so his little feet were dangling over the edge of the car seat/pram arrangement for some time.

They are a great range, especially for small houses/cars.

Binkyanne Sun 30-Sep-07 19:45:50

Thanks very much, great comments! I was wondering why the zapp was cheaper and I suppose its because it is only a pushchair with a car seat and you can't attach a carrycot etc. Baby isn't born yet so still lots of time to decide! Oh i've just seen an icandy travel system, any good?? Thanks. xx

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