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Pram Recommendations please :)

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WooYa Thu 16-Jul-20 16:20:51

Hi all! Can anyone recommend a pram for DS?
It needs to be lightweight/easy to transport (small car). He is 2yr4m, 50th centile for height and 75 for weight and I was hoping that he wouldn't need a pram when he grew out of this one. He is being assessed for additional needs and his need to walk (or not) changes on an hourly basis, he also can't walk on reins for distances because he unclips them and runs into the road/houses/people.

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WooYa Thu 16-Jul-20 18:48:32

Hopeful bump for the evening crowd 👍🏻

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Leigh134 Thu 16-Jul-20 19:10:01

Joie Litetrax 4!

PinkDaydreams Thu 16-Jul-20 20:28:14

I’ve just bought a silver cross pop which I’m waiting for. Let me see if I can link to my thread from yesterday with recommendations smile

PinkDaydreams Thu 16-Jul-20 20:28:50

alwaystiredalwaysgrumpy Thu 16-Jul-20 20:30:06

Baby jogger city tour 2!

rach2713 Thu 16-Jul-20 20:41:20

I have a my babiie pram and love it it is lightweight and very nice to push also the mcclaren prams are very good I had 1 that last 7 years and it has a button that you have to press on the front and back to get the straps off which none of mine ever figured out..

WooYa Thu 16-Jul-20 21:28:05

Thanks everyone. Lots to research in the morning smile I'll have a look at that thread too! Thanks again

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PinkDaydreams Thu 16-Jul-20 21:33:51

Don’t forget weight limits as most prams only go up to 15kg. The silver cross pop goes up to 25kg which was a big factor in me choosing it.

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