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How to teach sharing

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frillseeking Thu 16-Jul-20 13:46:39

DD is 21 months and seems to be going through a real phase of struggling to share and it annoys me that she can't play nicely with her friends. I don't want her to become a little girl that no one wants to play with because she snatches her toys back. I tell her no we have to share and distract her with another toy and things like that but any advice? I think the combination of her age, lack of playground and lockdown has made it worse but just want to guide her in the right direction and enjoy play dates and be able to relax again!

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timeforabrandnewnameagain Thu 16-Jul-20 14:04:25

Sharing is sharing a packet of crisps or tube of smarties, one for you , 5 for mummy wink

I think you'd be better teaching taking turns. Let the other child have a turn of the swing or simple quick games like pop up pirate that you have to wait for your turn to play.

The problem with other random children is some parents won't limit their child's turn on something, so it's tricky as you don't want to make your child give everything alway.

frillseeking Thu 16-Jul-20 14:43:43

Yes that's a good idea. I guess saying give someone else a turn is better then saying give someone else your toy full stop. I read that they don't understand the concept of time at this age so they don't really understand that they'll get it back soon, which is tricky. I also read that it's a good idea to hide their favourite toy or the ones that always cause arguments. That would be the dolls pram and little tikes car! They always seem to fight over those! But bit reluctant to do that as seems like I'd be pandering? First time I'm entering the toddler years so I'm all new to this!

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