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Is this nappy rash?

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newmum234 Wed 15-Jul-20 10:42:49

If you looked at my baby's bum you wouldn't see any redness, but if you part his bum cheeks there is redness inside, IYSWIM. Is this nappy rash or is it normal to be red in there? And if it is nappy rash, is it okay to put Sudocrem inside his bum cheeks? confused

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dementedpixie Wed 15-Jul-20 10:46:24

yes put cream on the red parts

newmum234 Wed 15-Jul-20 10:52:06

Thanks @dementedpixie - so literally inside his bum cheeks? Is Sudocrem a good one to use?

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pancakesunday Wed 15-Jul-20 10:57:25

Yes you need to put some inside his cheeks. Sudocrem is fine but you can also get one called Metanium which I was recommended to use with my DS and it was great

TeddyBeans Wed 15-Jul-20 11:11:00

Second vote for metanium, you don't need a lot

newmum234 Wed 15-Jul-20 11:18:36

Thanks. I feel so guilty that I've only just noticed this - I really hope he hasn't been in pain! sad

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TeddyBeans Wed 15-Jul-20 20:48:23

Don't feel guilty @newmum234, all babies get nappy rash at some point! It's just part of being a baby. You've found it, you've asked for advice and you've acted to stop it getting worse - all signs of an excellent mummy ❤️

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