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Baby slept from 8pm to 8am with no feed!

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NC4Now Sun 12-Jul-20 21:53:17

My first baby slept through the night from 10 weeks. I thought it was my excellent parenting and bedtime routine. Then came DC2 - same parenting and routine, still waking every night at 18 months.
Count your blessings OP! Sounds like you got a good one 😆

Sunnydayshereatlast Sun 12-Jul-20 21:49:14

2 of my dc slept 7-7 from a few weeks old..
And many buggars didn't!!

newmum234 Sun 12-Jul-20 21:39:39

Thanks for the reassurance. I’m not expecting it to happen again anytime soon!

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wintertime6 Sun 12-Jul-20 13:30:09

I meant 7pm to 7am of course.....not 7am to 7pm!

wintertime6 Sun 12-Jul-20 13:28:33

My DD was sleeping 7am to 7pm from 12 weeks, unless you have any concerns about weight gain then it's fine, just enjoy it! My DS was completely different, he was still waking for a bottle during the night until he was about 1.

BertieBotts Sun 12-Jul-20 13:12:41

Don't complain!! And don't get excited in case it never happens again grin

Letsallscreamatthesistene Sun 12-Jul-20 13:09:54

All I can say is that, as we're going through a sleep regression at the moment, im very envious

Ihaveoflate Sun 12-Jul-20 13:02:03

Totally fine. If you check out another thread on here you will see that lots of babies sleep through at this age. He might not do it consistently though, so don't be disappointed if he wakes tonight!

KRoo22 Sun 12-Jul-20 12:58:48

My LO did this between 2-4 months. Then first sleep regression hit and he hasn’t slept though since - he is now 8 months. Enjoy while you can!

BreasticlesNotTesticles Sun 12-Jul-20 12:29:56

It's fine! DC1 was sleeping 7 to 7 at 11 weeks, and still had all her naps smile

Whenwillow Sun 12-Jul-20 12:26:42

Be grateful! I was told no longer than 5 hours between feeds (30 years ago) but that was for a newborn.
Welcome to the wonderful world of baby sleeping through the night flowers

BeeBeep Sun 12-Jul-20 12:24:59

Unless you have concerns with his weight then nope. Enjoy the extra sleep.

loveroflists Sun 12-Jul-20 12:24:07

It's fine.

WorraLiberty Sun 12-Jul-20 12:24:02

Unless he's underweight, there's no reason to wake him and feed him.

2 out of my 3 were sleepy babies and slept through from about 8pm to 8am and I remember one of them would go back to sleep for an hour after his morning feed.

That was brilliant because when DH was on nightshift, I could pop him back in his cot and go and do the school run.

newmum234 Sun 12-Jul-20 12:21:00

Anyone? Should I have woken him for a feed at 11 when we went to bed?

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newmum234 Sun 12-Jul-20 09:44:25

My baby (11 weeks old) had a feed at about 7.30pm last night and went into the sling at 8pm. We transferred him to his cot at 11pm and went to bed. The next thing we knew it was 8am and he had woken and I fed him. He was lively after his feed but then started yawning and went back to sleep at 9.15am. Is this ok?!

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