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Do your DC keep in contact with other parent when not with them?

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ReginaaPhalange Fri 10-Jul-20 20:50:22

Just curious here. Asking those with DC who are not together with their children's mum/dad.

Do you allow your child to keep in contact with their other parent via text message or WhatsApp?

If no, can I ask your reason why.

I'm asking this because my husband is not allowed to keep in contact with DD because "it's not your weekend to have her, why do you need to text her?". DD is of age where she is allowed a phone, but has told us again that she's not allowed to respond to texts (usually how has school (or homeschooling) been? Or just general chat) because she gets in trouble from her mum and gran. I can maybe understand why they don't want her to keep in touch with me (step parent), but why not her dad who she has a fantastic relationship with?

I'm not here to start a debate, I just want an understanding to see if it is a reasonable ask to keep in contact with your DC.

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COS2102 Sat 11-Jul-20 08:25:41

In our situation, LO is only 8 so doesnt have his own phone. He will go through stages of ringing and texting from his other parent's phone. It doesnt last because they get frustrated and start making digs at him that he never gets in touch with them when he is here. He is always told that if he wants to, that he can...but he never asks. He asked last weekend why we dont phone him while he is at his other parent's house and he was told it's because we are allowing him to enjoy their company and we wouldnt know if we would be ringing at an inconvenient time. He was reminded that we would always be happy to answer the phone if he wants to ring us while he is there.

It is a tricky one but I think as long as the children know that you are always there if they want to contact you then that is the best you can do, let the other parent lay their own bed and seem unreasonable to the child. These children are going to grow up to be adults and learn exactly what they think is right or wrong and form opinions of the people in their life.

ReginaaPhalange Sat 18-Jul-20 12:01:17

Any other opinions?

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