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Heat, sun and baby Entertainment

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Caspianberg Fri 10-Jul-20 15:45:20

Its 32 degrees outside today, has been all week here, and will be most the summer where I am

Baby is 10 weeks. Does anyone have any ideas of what to keep him entertained in the heat?

I took him out in his sling at 8.30am for 20mins, but was already hot outside. We have spent the rest of the day indoors and he has been napping, played on the bed and floor, watched me do a few chores, fed 101 times... but its rather boring for me, and him I think. Garden is way to hot even in shade still. Lockdown etc means anywhere indoors is pretty much off the agenda.

And when i do go out with him, I have been putting baby suncream on his arms and legs if in sling, or in pram (he has carrycot shade up and a parasol but i am worried bits of sun still on him.
Im using a baby suncream, but from looking online everyone seems to say no suncream at all for babies?
Surely a little bit when I have to go out for chores is better than him burning potentially? again I am trying to go out first thing or later in the day if possible, but the sun is still strong here at 5/6pm and uv rating 9 today.

Planning to pop him in sling around 6pm and walk in the nearby woods where its cooler

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ShyTown Fri 10-Jul-20 15:57:29

I always used to put a bit of baby suncream on any bits that might end up in the sun when walking somewhere, usually feet. Obviously the best thing is to keep them in the shade but realistically that’s not always feasible. At 10 weeks we went on holiday to DH’s country which is very hot in the summer and she was just fine! Like you I figured better a bit of sunscreen than risking burning. And I wouldn’t worry too much about entertaining them, at that age they don’t need a lot of stimulation.

sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 10-Jul-20 16:09:32

I think the advice is to try and avoid sun exposure until the dc are over 6 months, so that may be why you have been advised to avoid suncream. However, if you are going out and your dc has a shade and parasol (so not in direct sunlight), you should be fine, although I would continue to put suncream on just in case.

Try having a bath with him during the day. Put him in his baby chair/seat/bouncer whilst you get in, and sit down before bringing him into the bath with you. Have it at the recommended baby bath temperature.
You could also try laying him on a water mat like this for tummy time, as if you fill it with cold water it will cool him down. You need to supervise him at all times obviously (the product says 3 months and up, but with supervision your ds should be fine).

Caspianberg Fri 10-Jul-20 16:53:22

@sleepismysuperpower1 - that mat looks good thanks.

I know he doesn't need full entertainment, but he isn't a fan of being put down much, so theres only so long the bouncer or playmat work, and then if I am at home i end up just walking around and around for ages with him in arms to keep him from crying. It was easier when cooler as could pass time taking him for a walk in pram or sling more.

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Ihaveoflate Sat 11-Jul-20 13:02:35

No advice but just want to sympathise. I had a baby who couldn't be put down and had to be walked around constantly to stop her from crying. It's relentless, boring and exhausting! My baby was born this time last year in the UK in the middle of a really hot spell. I remember walking outside at 4am with her in a sling. Thankfully we live in a cool house but my god it felt like it would never end!

Caspianberg Sat 11-Jul-20 14:06:46

@Ihaveoflate - thanks. I know it won't last forever, it just is rather wearing right now! In 6 months time I will be complaining about the -15 weather with snow instead

Its cooled down today due to a thunderstorm overnight, so was lovely to go out with Dh for a long walk this morning and stop at an outdoor cafe.

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