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6 week old continuously squirming in sleep

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Kellyje90 Fri 10-Jul-20 13:27:16

Hi there! Hoping for some advice/reassurance!!

My LO is almost six weeks old (on Sunday) and is happy and healthy! She’s goes down for the night about nine o’clock on the dot each night after a few feeds (bottle) during witching hour. Her first stretch of sleep is really sound, I’d say until about 1.30am but then she starts squirming and grunting non stop. She doesn’t seem to be awake but the movement and noise are intense and continuous. She’ll be like that for another few hours before she actually wakes for a feed, she’ll feed and I’ll put her back down and her next stretch(s) of sleep are the same restless sleeps pretty much the whole time. She sleeps beside me in her snuzpod but I constantly have to check on her with my phone in the dark to see if she’s actually awake or not. Her eyes are closed and she isn’t crying out, that’s how I know when she’s awake as her eyes open and she’ll cry out to get up or get fed! So I assume that even with this restlessness that she is asleep. We use a white noise machine, she is swaddled and (rightly or wrongly) in a sleepyhead. It just doesn’t seem like she can really be rested after such a restless sleep! Also it’s a struggle for me to sleep through it. I suppose I’m wondering if this is normal? Should I be doing something to help her sleep more soundly like her first stretch? Will she grow out of it?
Help and anxious ftm out

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Yorkiee Fri 10-Jul-20 14:22:42

My lo was like that and gp said its her digestive system working. The noise started everyday at 4-5 am. It went on for two months then it stopped. Apparantly its normal.

Yorkiee Fri 10-Jul-20 14:23:14

Forgot to mention she was asleep too.

minime20 Fri 10-Jul-20 14:27:35

My DD did the same from about 6 weeks, the docs diagnosed silent reflux.
Elevating one end of her crib helped a great deal. We also changed her milk, she was on a mixture of breast milk and formula.
The grunting was so noisy, just like a little piglet.

Wnikat Fri 10-Jul-20 14:28:29

Completely normal and they grow out of it in a few weeks. But I took mine to a cranial osteopath and that seemed to help, plus probiotics but that’s because he’s been on antibiotics straight after birth so the osteopath thought he might need them to help with digestion.

Ihaveoflate Fri 10-Jul-20 22:33:44

I think it's pretty normal. Mine was a very noisy sleeper as a newborn - grunting, snorting, thrashing about. I think it got better around 3 or 4 months when her digestive system matured. Honestly though, the phrase 'sleep like a baby' is just so wrong!

March2020 Sat 11-Jul-20 07:18:57

My son is also a noisy sleeper - I've taken to earplugs as between that and my other half snoring I just listened to other people sleep! You hear when they need you, it just muffles the thrashing and grunting so that you can sleep.

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