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Help! Is this normal? (BABY POO)

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emjadex Fri 10-Jul-20 01:42:14

I've just had my little boy. In hospital we were feeding with the Aptimal ready-made formula bottles. Got home and started on Aldi's Mamia. We made the first feed with our kettle at 5pm and our prep machine at 11pm. This is what his poo is looking like now. Is this normal? It looks quite chunky... we have fully shaken the bottles to mix the formula. He does seem to be straining a little too. This is the second dirty nappy since coming home at 5pm today.

(Sorry for the picture - panicking FTM)

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emjadex Fri 10-Jul-20 01:44:26

He passed the meconium poo. Since this morning his poo has become more this colour and as shown in the picture.

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Undomesticgodde55 Fri 10-Jul-20 01:54:40

I'm BF so slightly different poop - but looks similar to my 3 week old, shared a link which I have used to compare but I think that's normal what you have.

orangejuicer Fri 10-Jul-20 02:03:15

There are stages of poo. I think that's ok but look it up on NHS website. I think dark green is next but do check!

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