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Polyhydramnios - scared!

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surreygirl1987 Fri 10-Jul-20 20:35:00

Many thanks for the replies. They've booked me in for a c section now so what will be will be! Thank you for your help.

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Neverwrestlewithapig Thu 09-Jul-20 21:09:45

I am not in any position to rule in or out diagnoses but just wanted to say that whilst those may be symptoms of the condition, they are not exclusive to it. Don’t panic - can you talk to your midwife? Maybe request a callback to talk it through? flowers

Pinkflipflop85 Thu 09-Jul-20 20:56:53

I had polyhydramnios throughout my second pregnancy. It was pretty hilarious when my waters broke because there was just so much of it!

Baby absolutely fine and thriving.

Lou2120 Thu 09-Jul-20 20:41:22

Just to reassure you I had it with my 1st pregnancy and everything was absolutely fine. I had my son at 38 and 5 naturally and it didnt effect anything if I compare to my other 2 pregnancies

surreygirl1987 Thu 09-Jul-20 19:57:17

Hi everyone. I'm 39 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Had a scan this week and my fluid levels have shot up dramatically, as has the baby's weight. Baby is now estimated to be close to 10 lbs (I had a scan 3 weeks ago and it was supposedly just under 7lbs then, so estimated to have put on around 3lbs in just 3 weeks?!). Baby is also breech (second time it's been breech - he did flip and now is breech ahajn). Consultant wants me to have c section within the upcoming week, which I agree with.

But I googled high amount of fluid and it came up with Polyhydramnios! I have pretty much all the symptons of it - breathlessness and heartburn and breech baby and discomfort... they didn't use that word but did say I have a massive amount of fluid. My fluid measurements are off the chart according to my scan graph, and beyond the realms of normal according to the websites I have looked at.

So of course I googled it and of course I am freaking out a bit. My first baby was big (almost 10lb though he was 2 weeks late) so it doesn't surprise me that this one is too... though the size does seem extreme this time. The breech thing is annoying as it will mean c section but at least the decision is taken out of my hands. But the polyhydramnios scares me because apparently it is linked with genetic issues?!? Has anyone else has such a dramatic increase of fluid and size in the final few weeks of pregnancy and everything's turned out to be okay?? I know I am probably going to have a c section in the next week and should probably just wait and see as it's not like I can do anything now... but I'm getting quite worked up about the prospect of there being something wrong with the baby and wondered about other people's experiences. If anyone has has been in a similar situation I'd love to hear from you. Many thanks (and I know I should step away from Google but honestly they told me so little in the hospital!)

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