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New mattress for prams/cots

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Ducky1900 Tue 07-Jul-20 08:36:10

I've just brought a second hand out and about nipper, I'm thinking that I should Replace the mattress in the carrycot?
I can't find one anywhere.

Also, I'm pregnant with baby number 2, and planning to use next to me and moses basket again, do I really need new mattresses? I brought these new and only my DS has used them.

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blankethog Tue 07-Jul-20 08:38:31

My pram was different make but the carrycot fitted a normal Moses basket mattress in it, would that work?

blankethog Tue 07-Jul-20 08:39:53

I'd get a new mattress for the second hand pram, but the stuff only your DC has used I probably wouldn't bother, I could be wrong though!

RedRumTheHorse Tue 07-Jul-20 08:53:59

You don't have to change mattresses between siblings if you don't want though it is advisable to.

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