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What do you bathe your baby with?

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zoezoeok89 Sat 04-Jul-20 19:05:05

I’m curious. My baby is 4 months and I’ve been using Child’s Farm on him since birth as I’d read it was “the best” in terms of sensitivity etc for little babies, along with being vegan. To be honest, I don’t like the smells and it’s started to sting my babies eyes.

I’ve switched to the Aveeno lavender baby wash/bath and it smells amazing. Baby has just gone down like a dream which he hasn’t done the past few days! Lavender must work.

So, I’m curious. What works for you and what definitely doesn’t?

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cuddlypenguins Sat 04-Jul-20 20:02:13

8MO DS suffers eczema all over. We were advised to use baby shampoo as bubble bath/wash. Worked a treat on his skin!

Ihaveoflate Sat 04-Jul-20 20:11:28

We also use Aveeno hair and body wash. I like the smell of Johnson’s baby ‘no tears’ shampoo but it’s too harsh on sensitive skin.

purplejungle Sat 04-Jul-20 22:23:00

2mo and just water so far

Blahblahblah12345 Sat 04-Jul-20 22:25:20

We started using child's farm unscented. Then as she has grown up we use the childs farm smelly stuff now.

SapphosRock Sat 04-Jul-20 22:25:59

Yep Aveeno here too. Love the smell and it's lovely and gentle. The child's farm is fine for my 5 year old but not for the baby.

SapphosRock Sat 04-Jul-20 22:26:15

Yep Aveeno here too. Love the smell and it's lovely and gentle. The child's farm is fine for my 5 year old but not for the baby.

Emmagen Sat 04-Jul-20 22:27:55

I used burts bees when my DS was tiny.

Child's farm are hugely popular and look great but when I've tried them they make my skin sting just from having my hands in the water. I do have fairly sensitive skin though.

HarrietM87 Sun 05-Jul-20 07:44:35

You don’t need to use anything. Nothing is gentler for a baby’s skin than pure water. DS is 2 and 99% of the time we just use water. Occasionally use some child’s farm if he’s especially dirty (like when he rubbed fish into his hair 🤣). Baby skin is so sensitive and the products can be expensive...why bother.

zoezoeok89 Sun 05-Jul-20 09:32:28

My baby has quite a bit of hair and he’s also very sicky which gets in there too. He gets red rashes on his face and chin from it so I like to make sure it’s washed off properly to avoid irritation! smile

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HarrietM87 Sun 05-Jul-20 11:23:01

Sick washes off with water, trust me. If your child has sensitive skin then give it a go for a week and see if there’s an improvement. You can always go back to products afterwards.

blanche85 Sun 05-Jul-20 11:27:02

Just watersmile

Lockdownseperation Sun 05-Jul-20 12:11:25


MoominKitty Sun 05-Jul-20 12:13:52

We use the full child's Farm range, no issues so far. Used plain water till 2 months old though.

No one on either family's side has sensitive skin or skin issues though tbf.

Caspianberg Sun 05-Jul-20 12:17:17

Weleda baby. We only use it maybe once per week, any other washes are just with water. He's had cradle cap a bit, so have been adding burts bees baby oil to his head an hour or so before bath, and then need to use more than just water to rinse it off. Its cleared up now.

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