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Activities for baby/toddler

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Cchloe7849 Fri 03-Jul-20 22:42:33

Hi all

My little one is almost 14 months old and I’m looking for some fun idea/activities to do with him indoors or in the garden as the weather isn’t great here in England! He LOVES to explore and spends hours just pottering around the house messing with things (often things he shouldn’t be messing with!) climbing on and into things, pulling things out of drawers/cupboards. He plays with toys but often gets bored of them pretty quickly. Does anyone have any idea of things we can do that aren’t too messy? Something that he can explore with or find?


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ChachiChichi Fri 03-Jul-20 22:52:42

My one year old is the same! Throws toys to the wayside and only wants the things she isn't allowed! We made a pots and pans drum kit with wooden spoons which went down quite well for about 10 mins. I'm tempted to order an aquadoodle (there's a few to choose from on Amazon but I'm sure they all do the same thing). We also bought a swing for the garden which has been very helpful. It's hard to avoid things which don't require you buying stuff! I also get a few toys and put them in my rucksack half zipped up which she enjoyed, again I'm talking 5 mins of peace max!

Teacaketotty Fri 03-Jul-20 22:55:17

Yep in the same boat - ultimately I’ve realised no matter what I do or what I buy DD will lose interest within 10 mins.

Getting out the house is the only thing that really kills time for us which with a Scottish summer isn’t ideal. We’ve had a fair few rainy walks!

Cchloe7849 Fri 03-Jul-20 22:59:49

Oh it’s a struggle! I Sometimes put toys in bags or under boxes and lay them around for him to go and find and lift up/pull the toys out which amuses him for a short period but then it’s back to demolishing my living room shock I’m really finding this a difficult age to entertain

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mynameiscalypso Fri 03-Jul-20 23:02:24

Following for advice! My 11 month old is the same. His favourite activities at the moment are pulling all the books/DVDs of the shelves and trying to unplug all the cables from DH's PlayStation. I spend a lot of time throwing a ball/piece of plastic from one end of the room to another for him to chase like a dog...

student26 Fri 03-Jul-20 23:09:10

My partner bought me the book ‘Five Minute Mum’ by Daisy Upton and it’s AMAZING. I got it today and already love it. Loads of quick ideas in there. I’m looking forward to trying some out tomorrow.

Cchloe7849 Fri 03-Jul-20 23:09:53

I’d suggest getting some wooden building blocks! I bought a bag of them online they cost about £25 BUT you get a lot and if you have a destructive child then they’re fab. He is just grasping stacking them up but I build them up for him and he loves to knock them down and pull them out of the bag and put them back in again! It’s a nightmare picking them all back up and I often find them in the washing machine and the bin but overall a good investment!

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mynameiscalypso Fri 03-Jul-20 23:23:02

Yes, we need some wooden blocks! We have some plastic ones and do a similar tower destruction game here. DH has started taking it a bit too seriously and is talking about his personal bests' in terms of number of blocks stacked before the human wrecking ball turns up.

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