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Confusion about dummies

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thorney14 Thu 02-Jul-20 13:45:41

Does my bottle fed baby NEED a dummy? I have read about apparently knowing if your baby needs a dummy or not, I have no clue. She is 7 weeks old, bottle fed, goes down great (most of the time) at night but in the day struggles to drop off and can become overtired. White noise often does the trick but only in our arms. Doesnt like being put down too much and wakes up within 10 mins of going in her bassinet in the day. I hate the thought of having to get up multiple times a night to put the dummy back in when I feel she doesnt even need it at night.
Is there an alternative to a dummy?
Thank you in advance smile

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Letsallscreamatthesistene Thu 02-Jul-20 14:08:48

I dont feel like any baby NEEDS a dummy (except reflux babies)

My son is the same. Daytime naps are awful, hes great at night. He has a dummy, it helps him nod off. We dont have to do dummy runs at night, he seems to be able to nod off with a dummy and be without it all night. Daytime is a different matter; lots of dummy runs.

SnowdropFox Thu 02-Jul-20 14:37:49

I was going to agree, no child needs a dummy. My lo had one from a couple of weeks old until she weaned herself off it at about 9 months. She used it at night before going to bed and for comfort when upset (but had been fed, changed etc). Its totally up to you which doesn't help much sorry!

Ihaveoflate Thu 02-Jul-20 14:46:21

Just try one: if it helps, great; if not, then nothing lost.

Babies don't need to be swaddled, but some find it helpful. Like with all these things, it's really down to the individual baby.

FightMilkTM Thu 02-Jul-20 14:49:12

No baby NEEDS a dummy and they can definitely cause issues later on.

But there is a link between using a dummy and a lower incidence of SIDS.

BertieBotts Thu 02-Jul-20 14:53:18

I wouldn't bother in your shoes. Mine both had them when tiny because they would go through stages of screaming but not wanting milk and being pacified by sucking, usually on a finger. We preferred the dummy to our fingers. Then later around six months they would just chew on it so I took it away and they didn't notice.

The SIDS link isn't very well proven.

rebecca102 Thu 02-Jul-20 15:00:47

I wouldn't introduce it now if LO is doing fine without it. My two year old was bottlefed and had a dummy from day dot because I just thought it was the 'norm' and now she is more obsessed with her dummy than ever before. Everywhere we go before we leave the house she says 'got dum mum/dad'confused

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