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Winter clothes for toddler

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AncientRainbowABC Thu 02-Jul-20 09:21:24

Perhaps a silly question but, with no baby groups/meet ups it’s a bit harder to gauge this... what do your just-walking toddlers wear in winter?

Is it leggings and long sleeved tops, maybe with a jumper? Socks? Well fitted shoes? In terms of keeping warm in the pram, is an all in one snowsuit-type thing better since they’re more wriggly? Are balaclava hats the ones that stay on most?

I’m trying to plan ahead a bit for DD who is just 1. It’s looking like we’re mostly going to be at home now, no nursery. It’s thrown me a bit somehow.

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Sally7645 Thu 02-Jul-20 09:46:23

Gap and Zara do some really good thicker / fleece leggings which I always get for winter, as much warmer than the thinner ones. Also thicker socks for wellies. I got a pair of Clark's trainer boot things for my little girl to wear day to day which are all enclosed so keep her feet warm.

Then lots of layered bits for the top- some vests are usually handy for under a thinner top and then a few zip up hoodies and something thin and waterproof to go over the top. And yeah a pram suit in the next size up will see you through well!

It's trickier when you know you'll be walking to then go in somewhere, so say walking to a soft play as you don't want them cold for the walk and then too bundled up for indoors wjth heating blasting so I've always felt layers are your friend x

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