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Breastfeeding whilst pregnant

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Bishbashboom Wed 01-Jul-20 16:41:48

Hi all, I'm pregnant and struggling with breastfeeding. I take domperidone anyway as I had low milk supply. I'm exhausted and ds, 9 months, whilst he loves his boobies tends to nurse all night and not sleep very much at all.

He does have 1 formula feed a day.

I am truly exhausted and feel my milk is dwindling and he is really fussy and increasingly unsettled. He is on 3 meals a day plus snacks.

Has anyone ridden this out, weaned, or got any advice please?

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HelloRose Wed 01-Jul-20 19:07:24

My supply massively decreased. Ds self weaned by the time I got to 8weeks. He totally lost interest.

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