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Is this normal behavior of my 5 month old baby

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sarahhoping Tue 30-Jun-20 18:32:06

My son is going to turn 5 months next week.
And increasingly becoming restless . I fear if he has ADHD or something
because , although he does grabs nearby object and try to put in mouth,
but also is throwing tantrums and complaining in angry fits like half the day
He stretches his body, arches his back sometimes when angry
He is basically like hyperactive baby , always attentive to things and can't relax it seems lol.
he does play sometimes. I really feel concerned

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Ohnoherewego62 Tue 30-Jun-20 18:34:31

Arching of the back is usually discomfort or pain. Hows his feeding going?

Of course he wants to explore his surroundings, hes being inquisitive and taking it all in. That's normal.

orangejuicer Tue 30-Jun-20 18:36:23

Arched back sounds like wind/reflux. Can you look at his feeding? Is he formula or breast fed?

Bobbiepin Tue 30-Jun-20 18:45:10

ADHD? Really?

More likely wind/colic/doesn't like being put down/CMPA.

ADHD can't be diagnosed until at least 5 years.

FrugiFan Tue 30-Jun-20 18:50:41

Babies can't have ADHD, their attention span is really short though. Have you started him on solids already as some babies have digestive discomfort when they start solids and this can make them generally grumpy and in pain.

sarahhoping Tue 30-Jun-20 19:01:45

Hi OP here.
No I haven't started on any solid food.
He's only on my breast milk. Ped has prescribed iron drops for him till 6 months , and he has really really stinky farts since hes on drops
sometimes he has colic, so we give him colicAid which calms him

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Dexy2020 Tue 30-Jun-20 19:07:42

My little boy is 5 months today and over the last few days is going through the same thing, he's always been really chilled but at the moment won't seem to play for long without getting bored, doesn't like when I'm out of eyeshot and is generally a bit grouchy, I wonder if it's an age thing, think he may also be a bit frustrated he can't sit up properly unaided or crawl to get the things he wants xx

OutComeTheWolves Tue 30-Jun-20 19:53:56

I find children go through a very frustrated phase at around that age. It seems like they want to be on the move but don't quite have the skills to do it.

Pantheon Tue 30-Jun-20 20:50:58

Does he nap well? Could be overtired?

netflixismysidehustle Tue 30-Jun-20 21:00:10

The arched back is probably part of the digestive discomfort. He's stronger now so can do it more easily and forcefully than when he was younger.

netflixismysidehustle Tue 30-Jun-20 21:01:23

Can you ask the paed about the drops? My son has food allergies and stinky farts were a symptom

hodgepodge21 Tue 30-Jun-20 21:46:02

I really hated 5 months with my son!! He sounds super similar to your baby, even down to the back arching. It wasn't a digestive arching (he had colic and reflux so I knew about that too) but it was almost a tantrum style "throwing himself back". He was also very hyperactive and attentive. I found things started getting significantly better at around 7months when he could sit independently, and then better again when he could crawl. He is now 10months and is still a little diva at times, and is very opinionated but it's so much easier now. I think some babies just don't like being babies!

FizzingWhizzbee123 Wed 01-Jul-20 16:51:56

Mine got really grotty around this age because he wanted to move. He started commando crawling at 6 months and was much happier for it.

Agree arching back comments could be some sort of discomfort, and also worth checking awake windows to see it’s not over tiredness.

namechange30000 Wed 01-Jul-20 16:59:33

Adhd isn't something to fear.

AssangesCat Wed 01-Jul-20 17:09:25

I felt like DS was fine until he realised everybody else was getting up to stuff he couldn't do, then he was really frustrated, then, as other posters have said, once he was on the move he just got happier and happier.

Completely unconnected with this, he was diagnosed with ADHD at age of 8. I didn't start to see any indication he might have it until probably around 2 or 3, in that he'd never stay where he was put. Although we have had our ups and downs, like most families, and he can be tiring, like many children, he is a joy and I wouldn't change him. Funny, kind, intelligent, creative, cuddly - in the event that this is what the future holds, don't be afraid.

Sunshineandmoonlight Wed 01-Jul-20 18:19:23

My daughter arched her back a lot as a baby and in hindsight it was probably due to her autism. But there are lots of reasons babies show big emotions.

milcmxxx Wed 01-Jul-20 18:57:03

My little girl is 5 months next week and sounds pretty similar, I think it’s just the age! They get frustrated because they want to be on the move but they can’t, just keep being there for him and attending his needs, they are so alert at this age and just want to take everything in. My girl goes mad when she can’t reach something on her play gym 😐😂 xx

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