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So tired

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chocolatesweets Mon 29-Jun-20 18:24:20

I'm so tired and it's probably because of all these months of lockdown but I'm struggling. We have toddler twins and although they are good kids, I don't feel like we are/--I am-- moving forward at all sometimes. When I'm run down o'r tired, all I can do is provide care for them. I watch them watch telly whenever they want etc. When they go to bed I literally don't have the energy to do anything sometimes, just sit there watching telly.

My friends don't have kids and are furloughed from work. One is redecorating her entire house and another is ordering parcels of goodies to her home. Which is great for them. But I just feel, one day if they have kids they will be like me, desperate for a break.

I feel very lucky to have two beautiful healthy children but sometimes I feel like I don't exist anymore. My in laws are lovely people but they are keen on limited telly etc. "Pushing them." Under lockdown too. It's too much.

I am so tired.

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Lockdownseperation Mon 29-Jun-20 19:24:14

I feel like this at times. I find going to bed at the same time as the kids a couple of times a week.

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