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Gift ideas for a 1 year old

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Lockdownseperation Fri 26-Jun-20 15:28:17

Family are asking what they can get our one year old for her birthday. She is our second child and I can’t think of anything we haven’t got which would be useful. Any suggestions?

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ItWasntMyFault Fri 26-Jun-20 15:29:54

Money for her bank account. She's not going to notice any different and it will be a lot more beneficial to her in the long run.

VinoOlive Fri 26-Jun-20 15:33:57

Vouchers for shoes? Clarks? John Lewis?

Bath toys, seem to need replacing fairly regularly due to black mould etc.

Something for the garden which your older child can use too? Sand pit? Water table?

Day out for the family somewhere once able to go? Gift tickets?

Clothes in bigger sizes?

Fedupmum13 Fri 26-Jun-20 15:38:09

Trike? Slide for the garden? Some nice wooden toys? My DD (13months) favourite toy is a Fisher price pink chair. She also loves her tuff tray which I've recently got for her, I fill it with water and toys and pots etc. Was a good purchase for rainy days

Lockdownseperation Fri 26-Jun-20 15:42:06

@ItWasntMyFault my PIL will do this but other family members won’t be happy with this.

We have a trike, sandpit, slide and clothes. We have 3 tuff trays - don’t ask how we ended up with 3 it’s a boring story.

We are shielding so no attractions visits this year and our existing memberships have been extended due to lockdown.

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 26-Jun-20 18:21:25

Djeco night light
Money box
That’s not my.... books
Height chart
Personalised dinner set
Star light projector for her room
Skip Hop snack cup
Trunki suitcase

Nix32 Fri 26-Jun-20 18:26:22

One of these

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