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22 month old tantrums

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Ducky1900 Thu 25-Jun-20 22:51:19

My 22 month old DS has just started the terrible Tantrums.
It's always when we ask him not to do something, he's very head strong, and once he sees where he wants to go, if we try and stop him, or change his direction, he goes absolutely mad.
Screaming, throwing his arms around, which end up in my face, I try picking him up, which he throws himself backwards in my arms, and I very nearly fell over today (12 weeks pregnant, alarming).

Today's tantrum, I took him back to our picnic blanket and sat him down, let him kick up a bit, and then asked if he wanted a kiss and cuddle, to which he did, and eventually calmed down.

I'm so worried my dealings or non dealings of these tantrums are going to have an effect on him / his behaviour in years to come.

He's also not talking a huge amount, so think this impacts his tantrums too, as he can't say whats wrong.
He's getting better with talking, copies and can say a quite a few words... But not putting things into sentences or able to say what he wants.

So just asking, the best way you've found to deal with tantrums?

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bluebell34567 Fri 26-Jun-20 10:19:03

can you watch video clips of jo foster the nanny. she is very good, you can get ideas from her.

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